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    In reference to the article posted by Marcus (palmOne responds to memory concerns), I am one such user which has memory issues. But I can find no link or way to contact palm1 to take advantage of there free 128 memory stick. Do you know who at palm one I should contact?

    Quote from the arcticle: "palmOne this evening confirmed that the Treo 650 has a reduced effective memory size because of the new NVFS file system, and commits to a ROM upgrade that will help reduce the NVFS overhead. In addition, a free 128 MB SD card will be sent on request to Treo 650 users with memory management issues."

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    They're saying later this month or next you'll be able to get the card.
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    FYI: I just spent a boat load of time on the phone with PalmOne support. The rep I spoke with said he has 'never' heard anyone with complaints about the 650 memory and he knew nothing about a free 128 MB SD offer. (Incidently, he did offer to connect me with a sales person who would sell me memory.) After waiting on hold for 20 minutes, he did finally acknowledge PalmOne has made an offer for early Treo 650 customers, but I should wait for PalmOne to contact me. What are the odds that PalmOne will seek me out to give me a memory card that they claim will only go to people who request one? Should I hold my breath?
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    Interesting they have forgotten their promise. It would certainly **** off a number of users if they don't make great effort to mail out everyone with a 650 a 128mb card. I'll use it for something, just not in the 650. I originally didn't think I was impacted by the memory issue, but I certainly am. It's a pain in the A ss. PalmOne was simply stupid in letting this mistake go through to the consumer.
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    But Mr. faisal has been talking with them extensively about the sound problem. Maybe HE can get them working on the memory stuff and get you a 128 MB SD card??
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    OK. So is PalmOne going, or not going to give out the 128 MB cards. The only reason they gave them out was so the Palmpoligists here on this board could tell all everyone complaining that PalmOne is addressing the issue. If they don't give them out, I say everyone should start trashing PalmOne again.

    Oh yeah and I ordered my Treo on November 18th after the roadshow, so I am an early adopter even thought VC has yet to get me my purchase. So PalmOne better be ready to either pony up a 128 MB card or have a trade up to a revised 650 with more NAND flash.

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