Here is a new one, or at least new to me. I've been through hell trying to get them to credit my second phone with the rebate, I have two 650s on a family plan. Now after calling for the 5th time about crediting the rebate for the second phone, I'm told by this CSR that all the 650s were supposed to be handled through the business department and listed as business accounts. I'm telling him after calling 5 times and watching unwanted changes appear to my account after each call, I'm just a little skeptical about this story. He then went on to explain the reason their cs department was having trouble dealing with account issues and the 650 was because they didn't have the proper codes and were using substitutes. I'm like what the %$#@ is wrong with you people and your stories. So he has his supervisor verify it and they switch me to the business account department. After reading all the notation on my account the business CSR say OK no problem and agreed the 650s were supposed to go through the business department due to the nature of the phone. He gave me the credit I wanted, fixed all the account issues and then asks me my company name. I say I work for ######## and he says great I can give you a 10% discount on your monthly bill as a business customer! Asked for my managers name and company address. I was told it was to reference the discount, the billing and account is still in my name and the company would not be contacted. WOW..dealing with Sprint and the 650 has been a strange experience.