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    Any great freeware sites? Any great freeware programs that are essential?
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    I don't know of any freeware-specific sites, but PalmGear ( ) and TuCows Pilot Zone ( ) are great software repositories. I'd recommend software, but just about everything is shareware.
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    LauncherIII is the most essential app I have. It greatly improves the interface to the applications on the device. It is also, freeware! :-)

    Also--NoStreakHack is good to get. It is better than StreakHack.

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    I searched for NoStreakHack on and, but didn't find it. Where can I find this Hack, and does it install like any other palm program?

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    For a great freeware-only site, check out
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    NoStreakHack can be found here
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    LookDA is a wonderful addition to graffiti. Try it. Also try silkyboard...really speeds up numeric entry..p.s. Look da is shareware but many desktop accessories are freeware.

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