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    ...or not? ...and if not...than what?

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    First off, welcome to TC

    Second, looks kinda big and uncomfortable. And expensive, too. The jury's still out on what BT headset works best with the 650. Seems like there is a software bug that attenuates the sound on most BT headsets out there, making it difficult to make any good comparisons.

    Search around this forum for opinions on BT headsets. Front runners, IMV, are the Moto HS850, Jabra Freespeak 250, and Sony Ericsson HBH-660. Others have tried the expensive Bluespoon with success.
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    whoa, can anyone say Borg!
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    Welcome to TC...KidTreo

    Ultimate is putting it a bit strong. Yuck.....someone released the Borg

    We're having the same discussion next door. Visit:
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    Has anyone tried this headset? I'd be curious to hear how well it worked with the 650.
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    I would add the logitech headset as a good one to use.
    Grace & Peace,

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    I have a ZEN headset on order, it should be here on Monday. I'll let you all know how well it works with the 650...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Woof
    whoa, can anyone say Borg!
    Resistance is futile.....

    That thing looks way too big
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    TreoT, any update on the Gennum ZEN? Would love a mini-review.
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    I will not be assimilated!
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    That is the worst looking BT headset I've ever seen.

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    No one has mentioned the price - $200.00! No caller id, voice dial, masseuse, etc. Too much money for a bare bones counterbalance for your head!
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    as said in WWII "nuts"
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    Wait a minute... FINALLY a headset for us cyborgs!!
    I have detailed files.
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    Designer: Well, that's the revision you asked for. I don't know if
    Product Manager: No, can we make it a little bigger? If people have it on their heads, shouldn't they feel it?
    Designer: Well, n
    Product Manager: Great! Then you'll do as you're told. I am the manager, after all. OK, have fun!
    Designer: Damn. Foiled again. Alright I better get on it

    Later that month.

    Designer: Well, here's the prototype. The manager said we sh
    CEO: What the HELL! It's huge! We have no time left; perhaps we should launch this version, and then make the users beta-test if for us. Damn, I'm a genius!
    Product Manager: (Pats CEO's back; both walking away) Great idea; you're so brilliant! We'll make millions! Oh, and Designer, you're fired!
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    Needs to be a bit boxier.. Looks a little too delicate and contoured for my tastes. I dont think it's big and ugly enough to make me look like a complete weirdo walking down the street.
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    No one has mentioned the noise canceling technology.

    How many times have you walked outside while on a call to have the person on theother end say all they can hear is stati?. This even happens sometimes when your AC is up too much. I have resiged to placing calls on 'mute' in these situations and removing when I need to reply - very cumbersome. Looks aside, I'd be interested in how it functions. If its as good as the manf reports it is, it would be worth checking into. I didn't get this far into geek technology to start worrying about fashion now !

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