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    I have a user trying to access their Exchange mail items using a Treo 650. We have an Exchange 2003 server configured with Activesync and have no problems getting PocketPC devices to sync wirelessly. The Treo user is getting the following error when trying to sync: "Connection with server is successful. Incorrect version accessed". Has anyone else seen this error? I am able to see the connection in the server log files so the Treo is connecting to the server, but is not able to sync.

    Is there a patch or device driver I need to install on the Exchange server to allow Treo connections?

    Thank You
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    I'm getting this same error. Does anyone have a solution?
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    Assume your using Microsoft ISA server in front of the exchange server. I read somewhere there is an interaction issue between the Microsoft ISA server and the format of requests made by the Treo. One way around this issue is to use Server Publishing in the ISA server instead of web publishing, but that may not be suitable in all cases. I've heard an official workaround or patch may be forthcoming for ISA or the Treo soon...
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    I'm having the same issue and I'm not using ISA. Anyone ever figure this out?
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    Typically, I think these issues are related to whether or not you're using SSL and Forms-based Authentication for OWA. If so, then you'll have to perform a little surgery.

    While technically, this article is about PPC, it's really about Outlook Mobile Access (OMA) and activesync:

    I use Exchange 2003 behind 2 ISA firewalls (across a DMZ network).
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    I'm using both. I will look at the article. Thanks.
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    Anyone found a solution to this problem? Have been trawling the net looking for solutions...
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