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    Hi Guys and Girls,

    Having about 4 weeks to wait for a IVD has given me alot of time to decide on styli, cases and software. I am planning on downloading some software to fill up some of that 8 megs of space.I am somewhat a computer neophyte and I don't have my visor yet.I have never used a pda before so these questions may be answered when I recieve my Visor, but I a bit anxious to get the ball rolling. Can I download programs from Palmgear now, then hotsync it into my Visor when I recieve it, or do you download directly into your Visor. I read a post regarding datebook3 being better then the visor datebook, do other Datebook3 users agree? Is Bugme necessary with datebook3?

    Thanks for your help!
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    No problems with downloading the files now. I would only note that from personal experience, this only makes the waiting worse................

    The files that you download will most likely (but not always) be zipped up. When you unzip them, you are left with files that have .PRC and .PDB extensions. The software that comes with your Visor has an installation tool that you use to look for these files and add them to a queue. The next time you HotSync your Visor, these files in queue will be installed to your Visor (as long as you have enough free memory on your Visor) and removed from the queue. It's that easy.

    I can't help witht the Datebook issue, since I upgraded from a Pilot1000, and think that Datebook3 is a huge improvement over the first Datebook.
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    Datebook+ is essentially DateBk3 lite, so DateBk3 is better than the Visor's Datebook+; however, not $20 better in my opinion. (I had DateBk3 on my Palm IIIx.)

    Yes, BugMe! is still a must-have app. Its functions and DateBk3's do not really overlap. BTW, I recommend checking out DiddleBug instead of BugMe! for price reasons.

    Hope this helps, and welcome to the world of PDA's


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    I agree with Tyler's note re. Datebook3. I already owned it and had it on my Palm III and so I am using it on my Visor. However, I agree it is not $20 better than Datebook+. I agree with the Diddlbug vs. Bugme note too. So keep Datebook+ and download Diddlebug.
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    Welcome to the wonderful world of Palm Computing ala Visor.

    You might want to check out Action Names by Iambic Software and also at PalmGear. This is a very useful and more functional program than datebook or datebook3 in my opinion. If you are in sales it's a must have over the aforementioned software options. However, datebook that comes on the Visor is a great program for the typical user.

    Bug Me or Diddle Bug is also a staple must have.

    The bad news is that you'll have to wait before you can really try.

    The good news is: most of the good Palm software is shareware which means you can try before you buy. Don't go downloading a bunch of software from PalmGear hoping to load and go when you get your Visor because the way most shareware works is "datecoded" where it stops functioning after a specific time frame usually 30 days or less.

    Mark the software you want to try and then download/install after you have gotten your Visor working and synched at least one or two times. This will insure that any "bugs" are not caused by additional software.

    If you get a software bug or conflicts the Visor will give you an error message and you'll have to perform a soft reset (paperclip to the reset button) and then you'll probably be as good as new. On rare occasions software conflicts may cause a hard reset (paperclip to reset button while holding down the power on button and then choosing erase all data option when presented on the Visor screen). This is extremely rare but can happen if you are trying new release software that is basically beta versions.

    For that rare "hard reset" I'd recommend that you get a program called backup buddy @ PalmGear. It will save all of your files and software and is worth the price even if you only get one hard reset in a lifetime.

    Don't get me wrong, Hard resets are extremely rare and may not ever be suffered by a Palm/Visor user during normal wear and tear. They typically only happen when beta testing new software or dropping the Visor from extreme heights (2 or 3 feet is extreme). You can always check the VisorCentral site for known software conflicts.

    I don't work for any software company this is just 4+ years of Palm Computing advice.

    Moose Man

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    MooseMan said:
    "Don't go downloading a bunch of software from PalmGear hoping to load and go when you get your Visor because the way most shareware works is "datecoded" where it stops functioning after a specific time frame usually 30 days or less."

    I have to disagree, to a point.

    Yes apps are timecoded, but the time coding doesn't start until you install it in your PDA. I downloaded 8 Megabytes of stuff a month before I got my visor, and not a single program had anything less than the full trial period.

    Anyway, good luck.
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    Thank you all for your help I really appeciate the input.

    Mooseman, I visted the Action names web page and it looks like a great program. I cannot compare it to any other type of digital planner as this is my first encounter with this type of planning. (I really thought I would be buried with my Franklin Planner grasped firmly in my hand.) How is it different from Datebook+ and datebook3? My business requires that I schedule appontments for meetings as well as conference calls, all week long. Does Datebook+ and Datebook3 merge contact information like Action names? Does any of these programs have an alarm to remind me of an appointment?

    Thanks Again for your help.
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    As a side note:
    don't try to install all the apps at one time or something will go wrong (5 apps at a time at most)

    don't ask me what goes wrong, i'm still waiting for my visor...
    On the 14th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...
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    Good point from ChowChow don't add to many at a time.

    Action Names: Well when selecting a Meeting it automatically takes you to an input area whereby you can select the Contact that the meeting is with. Datebook can also do this but it requires a "phone lookup" which is a couple more steps.

    When creating a "call" it also takes you with just a couple of strokes to the contact and you can then pick the number that your going to call. It will show it on the screen in the to do view area of all of the different calendar views.

    When creating a todo . you can also easily tie it to a contact.

    A call is just a special to do that allows you to add the phone number.

    The great thing about Action Names version 4.02 is you can now "log" the above items. When logging it creates a note that shows that the items was completed. If you attached the item (meeting, call, to do) to a contact it adds a note field to that contact which can be viewed from the address book. You can also edit this note.

    Now the same thing can be done in datebook but it's a manual process.

    If your using Outlook syncing is seemless. If your using Act get a second conduit from companion link and then set the contacts setting in Action Names to reflect Act style contacts and then your set for really tracking sales.

    Action Names has all of the views of datebook with the exception of year view. It only offers a quarter view (3 months) but that is usually functional for most and it actually shows the date whereby datebook in the year view doesn't without tapping and searching.

    I'm registered for both programs but I must admit that datebook 3 doesn't exist on the Visor anymore.

    Also, Action Names automatically assigns icons to the 3 various tasks such as meetings, calls, and todos. These icons are by default setup by Action Names but you can easily change them in the preference area.

    All items are easily assigned an alarm and you can vary the alarm by minutes, hours or days in advance. Datebook can do the same thing to be fair.

    I particulary like the Star Trek Alarms hack which is availble at palmgear as well. It's the Next Generation of alarms and is $5.

    Moose Man

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    Be advised there is a minor glitch with Action Names at the moment. In the contacts view, you can sort by company, last, then first name etc.
    The glitch: When sorting on last, first, company and the Visor or Palm address book set to company, last (only 1 of 2 ways to sort here) Action Names is not showing any companies. The work around is to set the Visor/Palm address book simply to last, company sort.

    I have contacted tech support at Iambic and they are working on this fix.

    Rest assurred that Action Names does not modify any of the data found in either the address book or calendar programs. It simply provides different views of that data therefore all the informaion that you'll load will always be resident in the core applications of the Visor.

    One other note: I too thought that I would go to the grave with a Franklin Covey "book". And for awhile I was blending paper and tech. Action Names allowed me to get rid of the paper version.

    Moose Man

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    Thats It! On Y2k The Franklin Planner goes into the fireplace! I just bought a refill for my wife and it cost me 40 bucks with shipping. I think this visor will pay for itself by saving on refills, as well as and more importanly saving me time. I am always flipping thru the damn thing. Not to mention carrying the bulky book around with me.

    Thank you Mooseman for filling me in on actions names, it seems it will meet my needs perfectly. Thanks to the other posters for the great advice.
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    A note on ChowChow's install advice: I have installed more than 5 things at once several times. Never have I had a problem.

    Another observation on same topic: I have had to hard reset several times due to the 'looping reset' issues from conflicting software. When I sync for the first time after hard reset EVERYTHING re-installs at once, 7+ MB worth. (thank you BackupBuddy!)Over 100 programs all installed at once. This process works fine also.

    Just my $0.02. Maybe I'm just fortunate.

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    If you do much text entry you have to try LookDA....AMAZING...freeware! designed to work with the eLook far the best graffiti aid I've used yet. Make sure you read the documentation to get the full benefit...This should be part of the native's that good.

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