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    I get a beeping sound on my 650 like a laptop low battery warning. I can't figure out where it is coming from. I have a full battery too. I first noticed it yesterday after I ran pocket tunes and voice launcher started acting strangely it kept popping up while pocket tunes was playing. I had the background activation off of voice launcher too. When I took the headphone adapter out of the jack voice launcher stopped acting weird. I even deleted voice launcher and it is still making the beeping sound.
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    Does it happen when you go in and out of service areas? Check out the tone settings in the Phone App.
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    No I have service tones turned off. I can't figure it out at all.
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    Do you have your phone plugged in at the time?
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    Quote Originally Posted by KRamsauer
    Do you have your phone plugged in at the time?
    yep mine makes a *beep beep* sound when its plugged in. not sure if it does any other time
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    I am getting the same thing.
    It is definitely service tones, they go down in pitch when losing coverage and up in pitch when regaining coverage. I even hear them through the speaker when the
    headphones are not plugged in and the sounds are turned off with the slide switch.

    I also have tones disabled in the phone.
    I suspect it is voice launcher but I have been unable to confirm.
    I don't remember ever hearing these prior to voice launcher installation and the firmware update
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    Try turning service tones on and then off again. Sometimes software can change the sound settings without changing what it says on the screen.
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    Sounds to me like the BT connect/disconnect tones.
    Or - the SD insert/removal sounds.


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    I've confirmed that the problem is VoiceLauncher.
    If I uninstall it, the beeping goes away.

    I have contacted the developer and who responded "Hum, there is something weird with the sound on the Treo650. I'll try to figure out what is going wrong with it and will let you know..."

    I'll post back here when I hear back from him.

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    Mine did that, too, yesterday, while plugged into the cradle: a low volume, "pinging" sound at about 7 Hz that continued until I pressed the center button. I, too, have VoiceLauncher. Weird.
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    I received a response from the developer of VoiceLauncher:
    (NOTE: His response is more related to a second issue I told him. That when you have the mute switch turned off and you try to do a voice command with the headphones you don't hear the beeps to know when to start speaking).

    "About the strange behaviour with sounds, I've checked and this is an issue with the Treo650 PalmOS system. It sounds like an excuse, but this is not... My application at this point is very simple: (1) play chime (2) record (3) play chime: on a treo 600 it works as expected, but on a Treo650 the system is totally messed up by the mute setting and is working fine after recording. I could add a small recording session to force the Treo650 to do the right thing before the first chime but palmOne will release soon an update for the system that deals with sounds: I think it should be a better idea to wait and see if this update fixes the issue before adding this workaround..."

    Since he didn't directly address my question about roaming tones I asked if he felt this was related and would be fixed by the palmOne update.

    I'll try to keep posting as I find out more.
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    Maybe U need a different version of that software. The majority of my 600 software will not work right on the 650 model. I found that the software has to be for the 650 or both in order to work right.

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