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    I know there are other threads about this, but I haven't found the answer I'm looking for.... My Treo 600, as we all know, doesn't have wifi. I want to be able to sit in my living room and control the volume, track, playlist (or at least volume and play/stop) on Winamp running on a computer that is not in the same room.. Oh, and I'd rather not use VNC.. I have winamp set to be docked at the top of my screen and that is just not friendly to a 160x160 resolution =) Besides, I'd prefer if I didn't have to go log in and scroll around to find the buttons I want..

    Any thoughts?
    Anyone actually doing this?

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    Sounds like you have two issues to overcome. First is getting connectivity from the Treo to the PC running winamp.

    I don't have my Treo yet, but from what I understand, your only option is to go through the Internet. If the machine running winamp is addressable from the public Internet, then you could go down that route. Just be aware of the security implications - a vulnerability in Winamp could be a gateway into your machine for ebil hax04s.

    Second - you need a way to control the winamp software from a network connection. There are a variety of remote control plugins for Winamp, web-based or otherwise. Go check out and look for a plugin. Once installed (and network issues out of the way) it might be as simple as hitting your Winamp "web-site" with Blazer.
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    This probably won't directly answer your question viper, but it may help you think of a solution... A couple years ago, I had the same desire to remotely control winamp from my living room, but in my situation my computer, located in the adjacent room, was in my line of sight... so, i grabbed an ir receiver for my pc for about 35 bucks ( which permitted me to bind ir signals from any remote to control winamp (all aspects of winamp including launching specific playlists)... it really worked well... assuming you don't have line of sight to your pc, you'll have to get creative... lots of ways to network things these days including using your home electrical wiring... maybe there's some sort of adapter out there that will take IR from your treo and convert to bluetooth(BT) or something that would connect to your pc (w/ a bluetooth dongle adapter)... just did a search and it appears that there's software that permits BT connectivity via a phone (or presumably other BT devices) to control winamp ( can you make the jump to the Treo 650 with builtin BT?? If not, there has to be some creative way of doing what you want to do... good luck!
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    This isn't using winamp, but I know someone using this successfully as an alternative.!!!!
    Thanks for the compliment, geeks run the world after all!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sillyllama
    so, i grabbed an ir receiver for my pc for about 35 bucks
    there is hardware and software for remote controlling winamp via IR, but I didn't think the Treo was capable of beaming a signal more than a few feet ...
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    hmm all good suggestions...
    I think the closest I've found is one of the plugins that does web based.. but neither of the ones I found work very well or fast via the treo... *shrug*
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    Perhaps I'll just write something =)

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