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    I use Sprint Business connection to connect to a Lotus Notes email account.

    The only issue I have is the Calendar. I have the BC calendar that is synced with my notes calendar, and the Treo calendar that I use on the Treo when I am away from my desk. I know I can use the BC calendar on the TREO, but I would prefer to have the BC calendar sync to the TREO calendar since the BC calendar doenst seem to be able to push alerts or alarms. I also like the ability to show upcoming events on my "phone" home screen which only looks at the TREO calendar.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    [moved to comms]
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    Why the move?
    THis is a 650 issue since it deals with getting alarms on a 650 or syncing so the today screen on the "phone" home page to show BC calendar info.
    Now there is no chance of the question being answered.
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    While the recent BCPE went part-way, allowing users to respond to meeting requests, there is still a disconnect between the BC calendar and the Palm calendar. You've still gotta sync to have it show up in the Palm calendar.
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    It was moved here because it involves a piece of software that can be run on at least 3 different treos and possibly 4.

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