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    Quote Originally Posted by Katahdin
    I really wish people would stop complaining about the Treo 650. If they don't like it, return it and get something else. I have the 650 after upgrading from the 600 and with all the complaints going on, I elected to try another phone. I purchased the PPC-6601 and guess which phone I switched back to. If you guessed the 650, you're right. The 650 is still the best PDA phone on the market by far.

    After using the PPC-6601 for about a week, I really missed using my Treo 650. Sure there were a few things I liked about the PPC-6601 such as the screen size and a few of the games but let me tell you, as far as productivity is concerned, the Treo 650 blows it away. By the way, I was a long time Pocket PC user before switching to the Treo 600 so I kknow a lot about the Pocket PC market as well. I was shocked to find how many apps that I love on the Treo that were missing for the PPC-6601. I found myself in the airport needing to look up a contact on my PPC and I actually had to stop for a minute to decide which was the quickest way to do that. And then it hit me, there was no quick way or one handed way to do it. With the Treo, you can use Initiate, TakePhone, or several other apps to do it.

    There are so many other things that I really like the Treo 650 over the PPC-6601 and probably other phones as well.

    I wish PalmOne would release a decent device that is worth the $600 charge for it.

    The unacceptable list:

    I wish it wouldn't crash/lock up as often as it does.
    I wish the build quality was better (ex. "p" key problems, etc)
    I wish it had more memory so I wouldn't be forced to hop through hoops to run applications and forced to use an SD card.

    The should have done it but are just plain dumb list

    I wish it have Wi-fi driver
    I wish BT DUN was the standard and not done through a hack
    I wish it had BT 1.2

    As the saying goes, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

    The only way these things get fixed is through complaining!

    PalmOne could've avoid all this by beta testing with TC members.
    Cheap and effective. But no, they missed the boat, and are sinking accordingly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fgkay
    I'm not complaining but I sure am baffled about the slap-dash quality control @ P1. I am now on my 4th 650 in less than 2-weeks. #1 had a sticking keypad; #2 had a corrupt video app; #3 was totally hosed (blinking LCD, bad radio). I have heard that from time-to-time, there are bad 'blocks' of ESNs for whatever reason...I'm inclined to agree!!! Anyway, I spent over an hour at the Sprint store yesterday doing my own quality control on #4 before I 'signed-off' on it and let the store -- looks like I finally have one that works, and that I can now begin to experience what a working 650 can really do.

    I agree there are bad ESN's. Palm One QC is bad. i have had a phone with very poor quality microphone and it is driving me craze.;

    why should i pay 600 bucks for a device when it cant deliver the most basic neccessity voice quality..
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    Seems to me, if we had an orginial Compaq computer with an attached bag phone, and 1MB of RAM, then we would really have something. That orange monochrome screen rocked! It is amazing to me to read all the comments on this board. There are always improvements to anything. The problem with the 650 is that Palm made improvements to some features and just spaced out on a couple of others. You need to remember that the Treo team at Palm does this crap every single day. They know these devices better than any of us. How can they miss that bad on the Ram? If they added WiFi and some more Ram and a better camera, and a better speakerphone, then you have a $1000 product and not one that you can get from Amazon right now at $369. Would you rather sell 5M Treo's or 1M Treo's. It is basic business math. Give the customer as much as you can while making it affordable.
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    Yep, perspective.....

    remembering my Mac SE with 1 meg of Ram and a 20meg hard drive and my Newton 100. Wow. I was rocking then!! (showing my age a little, i guess)
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