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    I NEED JOT! or Graffiti. It is idiotic to make this machien w/o this cpability just because some folks need calluses on their thumbs.

    BUT. even at $40, Jot! only osrta works with the T650. The problem is not JOT! it is that in some screens, the touch screen does not work with JOt! enabled. OK ... but Palm should have made the machine able to use soem form of grafftiti!
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    uh not to sound antagonistic, but they got rid of graffiti because they put a very nice keyboard on there. Graffiti is a dying art and kb's are the wave of the future.
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    nah, I agree. I am a long time Jot user and continue to be....hmmm
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    This keyboards are the future is buggy wip talk.

    Keyvboards, at their best, do not compete with handwriting for taking a quick note (bugMe) or drawing a quick sketch. If they want tyo make me carry aorund a typewriter, at least make it a selectric.

    In the mean time, the fruitlless screen is buggy. Jot! only works sometimes and often the touch oad buttons do not work at all.
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    Graffiti Anywhere.
    Sprint Treo 650

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    Hmmm... Jot works for me.
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    Most of thepeople on board in my IMHO do not share your opinion about grafiti.
    You can think about alternative keyboardless devices,which certainly will give you a bigger screen.
    KB data input was shown to be faster than grafiti previusly (old T300 &600 posts).
    I wonder howmuch screen area's left on T600 and 650 when you are actively using grafiti
    Grafiti is a step backwards for sure, as keyboards came after grafiti ,historically and also on the PDA's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RockMancuso
    Graffiti Anywhere.
    I admit it, I am a Graffiti Addict. I can input way faster with Graffiti (version 1) on my Clie than I can with the keyboard on my 650.

    Graffiti Anywhere works only so-so on my 650.

    I am trying to teach myself how to touch type on the 650.
    I am using an Astraware typing game, T-Blaster.
    The "quick brown fox" gets old pretty fast, so T-Blaster helps.

    Good luck!
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    I have to agree with Stevesm and others that it was stupid to remove Graffiti support from the product because it had a keyboard. Anyone who has had to take a quick not while talking to someone (or on the phone) knows how clumsy the keyboard can be. Add the key latency problems of the 650 to the mix and its a recipe for dropped calls and other control errors. I have a degree in human factors and I can assure you that its smart to offer users several input options... which would have cost PalmOne nothing since they won the legal action with Xerox over Graffiti. People at PalmOne product management really need to wake up and do their homework... there have been too many lame decisions on this product that would have cost nothing to fix and were very obvious to any of us (like putting no reasonable memory into the 650,,,, beyond stupidity IMHO)
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    I could not get Graffiti 2 to work on the 650. Once active, it will not respond to lettering in the screen although the cursor flickers... have others got it or other Graffiti solutions to work ? I am not enamored of Jot and I think its overpriced.
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    To Metro...

    smell the fresh air ...

    Jot uses about 10 pixels of the screen space. Otherwise you have the WHOLE thing.

    If you gonna worry about taking up space, the keyboard takes up a lot more space than those 10 pixels.

    Bottom line ... if i had anted a Blaclberry I woulda bot one.
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    Unfortunately Jot is all there is.

    BTW .. I am pretty sure that its problems are the same wierd screen delay. The whole touch screen seems off its feed.

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