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    I use kinoma can play it , but kinomap player 1.5 not support background play
    3.0 support this feature but for OS5

    treo270 how to play mp3/wave ??
    ptune /aero /mmplayer for OS5 only not for OS4, and crsJukeBox play
    mp3 , but how to convert mp3 -> PDB format ??

    I hope 270 can use mp3/wav for ringtone like 600
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    Thank god , I have done researched on this before

    Thats the limiations of Treo 270 , of course it does not support ringtones ,of course it may support WAV , but not MP3 because it needs a ARM Processor to decode it and a speaker....Background Play is not possible because......thats the limiation of OS 3.5 , thats why , many people do the upgrade to Treo 600/650

    Now , its a good time to get one....
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    but I can not buy 650 on taiwan /asia , 650 still not release GSM version , anyway I
    already use kinoma player play 1 mp3/wav music , I don't need BT but I don't like
    Low Res 160x160 , so I don't wan to buy treo600 , although treo600 is very good
    for me , I already change 270 battery use nokia 7210 Libattery (1100ma ) ..wait 650 ..

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