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    I know this may be a silly quesiton, but since the Visor OS is 3.1, should the Palm OS v3.1.1 Update be applied?

    I know that the No Streak Hack does solve streaking problem for most but I am just wondering whether us Visor users should be using the upgrade as well.
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    I'm not an expert, but I know that actually, the Visor is v. 3.1h, meaning they revised the OS in some ways to optimize it for the visor. I believe (but am not sure) that they did incorporate some fixes (somebody correct me here).
    However, it's a moot point because HS did not include "flash memory" in the visor, making the OS un-upgradeable. The defense of this is that OS upgrades are normally done to support new hardware capabilities (eg, color) and is a wasted feature for most units. It will be interesting to see if some big os upgrade in the future really is desirable on the visor if it will be possible to do this via springboard, but this is undesirable at best. Let's hope they're right. In my mind, it's the only gamble we take with the visor.
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    It's not quite true that the OS is non-upgradable. While there is no flash ROM, upgrades can still be available, similar to the installed hacks from third parties. Unfortunately, a hard reset would kill any installed upgrades - they'd just have to be reloaded.
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    As a current Palm Professional and GVDx owner, they both share the "feature" of not having a Flash Rom. My Palm Prof, which has OS 2.0 built in, do have a software update to 2.05 that I use and that's why I raise the question regarding the Visor OS (3.1).

    As geoffh has stated that the OS is actually 3.1h, I am just wondering whether that would have fixed the bugs that 3.11 addressed for the Palm OS 3.1

    I am tempted to try to install the OS update 3.11 as theoretically it is only "software"- any crashes/hard resets will be able to wipe it out of RAM and correct any repercussions. I guess I am just wondering if any brave soul has already tried the update

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    No, don't mess with it. The rom isn't flashable on the visor and if it was a flashable a hard reset would not restore the rom to original. Rom isn't volital memory.

    Be happy with what we have, it will serve us fine for quite some time.

    (I stand corrected, I shouldnt have posted without all of my facts. Sorry I thought 3.1.1 was a Rom flash.)

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    I have a BVDx. I experienced some significant streaking problems as well as poor grey scale images in imageviewer III as well as Avantgo graphics. I also had a significant and annoying flicker in the above mentioned graphics. I experimented with StreakHack 2.1 (Neal Bridges, and NoStreakHack 1.3 (Till Harbaum, I acheived some improvement with both but was not satisfied. NoStreak Hack is more user configureable. Then I installed the OS 3.1.1 update. WOW!! Everything is much better and I have deactivated the streak hacks. The info available about this RAM base OS update does refer to improvements in grey scale images as well as reduced streaking. I'd say it is very effective. I still have some streaking with the contrast up high, but only minimal. The images in AvantGo and ImageViewer III are really great!! What an improvement over my old Pilot Pro Screen and 4-Grey Scale.

    I'd reccommend the 3.1.1 OS update for anyone experiencing these types of graphic display problems. By the way, as is evident from this long discussion, RAM based OS updates work fine with the Visor as with any PamOS device. These have come out quite frequently and will likely continue to be released. Only the FlashROM updates cannot be used on the Visor (and the IIIe) as they do not have FlashROM. Only one such update has ever been released; I think it is the 3.3 version.
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    Does the 3.1.1 update you used reverse the changes that Handspring put in (eg, springboard support)?
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    More importantly... could certain patches to the OS disable or corrupt the USB communication with the cradle? Remember, the Palm-released OS patches are for devices with serial connections... if they trick the visor into thinking it has serial and not USB, you wouldn't be able to sync... and if you can't sync... well... just imagine.

    I don't know. I haven't tried. But with this possibility (and the possible incompatibilities with springboard) I'm not sure if I want to.
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    wrp brought up a very good point regarding the USB compatibility as well as geoffth about the springboard compatibility. I guess I had just totally neglected that aspect in an attempt to get a better screen fix (My screen is actually running fine w/o streak hack- I can run Afterburner at max with no streaking, as streaking only appears when I run Afterburner with Backdrop EZ)

    I think in the end if one is not having any streaking problem that is not fixable by No Streak Hack or Streak Hack, that one should try the OS update 3.1.1 because you basically have nothing to lose. (I do believe you will NOT damage your Visor hardware in any way- installing a "bad" update is just like installing a "bad" application that crashes your pilot- a hard reset will always fix that)

    From, the only other "feature" of 3.1.1 in addition to the streak fix are listed here

    1. Reduces the faint background lines
    2. Prevents "up" scroll button activation
    3. Corrects two internal grayscale palette values

    I guess if I dont' have problem 1, then 2 and 3 don't really seem to justify the "risk i.e. instability" of installing the update.

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    The OS Patch can be uploaded to the Visor and no problem should be encountered. Since it is not flash ROM it will not overwrite the existing software just "patch" it. It can always be deleted from the Visor because it's stored in RAM and not ROM. When I first synced my Visor....I had OS 3.1.1 loaded as part of back up buddy and it worked fine. I have since deleted this patch with no functional problems.

    However, if your not experiencing any problems with screen streaks or other issues then I would just say this: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".

    One of the reasons stated by Jeff Hawkins as to why the Visor was not Flash Upgradeable was (besides price) that less than 5% of the Palm User's ever flashed their units when OS patches were made available. Why put in technology on a unit when 95% of the user's won't ever feel the need.

    Also, 3.1h has stripped out some code that slowed down the Palm units but made them slightly more stable. This statement has been in various newsarticles etc. When I had the 3.1.1 patch loaded the Visor was slightly slower.

    The bottom's not necessary.
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    To answer the questions raised:

    1) I have not had any synch problems. I synch with 3 desktop machines: My home computer with Win98 and the USB cradle where I installed the Handspring version of the Palm Desktop, my work computer running NT 4.0 sp3 on a network and my secretaries NT machine. I did not install the new software on the NT machines (unnecessary). Everything works fine!!!. I sure do notice how much faster the USB synch is at home though and I am using 6.2 MB of memory at present with AvantGo filled to the 2,000kb brim.

    2) I have not noticed any reduction in speed. I run about a dozen hacks, Launcher2.1, and Wordcomplete without problems. The device clocks at 158% of the standard Palm IIIx/V per Neil Bridges Benchmark program. I actually find the Visor significantly faster loading AvantGo pages and accessing my large medical drug reference databases (LexiDrug ant Interact) that some have reported very slow responses. The Visor is lightning fast.

    3) I have both the backup and 8mb flash springboards (I'm an addict I admit) and there is no problem at all. I have noticed that if you remove a module when the device is of that it soft resets. This occurs, however, with and without the OS patch as well as with all hacks, LaunchEm, and Wordcomplete disabled. I think this is a bug in the Handspring software itself. Not much of an inconvenience, though.

    In conclusion:

    There is no problem installing the 3.1.1 OS patch. You can always delete it if you don't like it and it's free to try. As I did notice alot of streaking and image presentation problems I gave it a try and it has made a marked improvement.

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    I'm not so sure that the 3.1.1 patch has any affect on the Visor at all. When I loaded 3.1.1 on my visor, it showed up in the list of programs, but the OS version still said 3.1. Whenever I loaded an OS update on my palm pro, the OS version listing in the memory app would update as well. So for example, it would say 2.0.5 instead of 2.0.

    Anyone else have a different experience?
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    I was excited about the possibility of upgrading the OS, particularly since I was about to install the Nostreak hack. However, my 1 month old Visor says it is using OS 3.0H not 3.1.H. Anyone know what the deal is. According to the Palm website, the 3.1.1 upgrade will not work -does nothing- to a 3.0.x OS. This might expain why it works for some and not others. The 3.0.2 upgrade for the 3.0 OS does practically nothing of any use as far as I can see. I am not happy that my new visor which I waited so long for can't be upgraded to 3.1.1. Anyone have any further information about this?

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    You're looking in the wrong place for the OS version. What you're looking at is the version of the Application Launcher. To verify the Palm OS version, go to home, then Menu, then Info. Choose Version, scroll down to find Palm OS Software and the version should be v.3.1

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    Voila! Thanks a Bunch! Now I can sleep at night. I just could not get over the fact (supposition) that my OS was already outdated and I was going to mis out on such a cool upgrade. For the record, I went ahead and installed the Nostreak hack, and have to agree that its overall effect is marginal at best. Of the 5 settings, 2 being the default, only a setting of 1 resulted in no screen flicker. The display then became light requiring an increase in contrast. Overall, its pretty much right back where it started. Worth trying, especially if the screen flick does not bother you, but I expect upgrading the OS is a much better fix.

    Thanks for the tip!

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