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    Has anybody tried running any version of TomTom for Palm on the 650? Anyone willing to test?
    Sprint listed the 650 as compatible with the new TomTom BT GPS system, that's how we first heard of the 650 designation if you remember. Since then, the 650 disappeared from the list and no one at PalmOne seems to be able to answer my questions about it.

    Any info wold be appreciated.
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    I hope it works. That was one of the things that got me most excited!
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    If not - I'll keep my T3 along with a GSM 650. I'm sure they will, but the are historically a couple months behind newer devices when they are released. We'll see! Here is my answer from them in Sept.

    Customer 09/19/2004 04:58 AM
    I currently own the TomTom for my T3 w/ the bluetooth wireless. I plan on purchasing a Treo650 as soon as they are released. According to PalmOne, the package I have will also support the Treo650?! Do you know if this is correct?? Thanks!

    Response 09/20/2004 11:27 PM

    The TomTom Navigator is not compatible with the Treo 650.


    TomTom USA Customer Service

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