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    I had my second Treo 300 hinge break today. Are they still giving 300s as replacements.
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    Take it to the SPRINTPCS store near you and they will for sure replace it with a TREO 600. That is what I did last week and I got mine replaced with a TREO 600.
    Good luck!!!!!!!!
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    i have a treo 300 i would sell you for the hinge and other parts. i also comes with a spare battery.

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    take it to the sprint mine replaced with a 600 due to battery drain. awesome treo!
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    i went to the sprint store and they refused to replace it because it was scratched (even though i am 2 months into a 12 month warranty) . after i persisted they told me that they were out of 300s and that as a courtesy they would order a samsung i330 for me. they went on to say that giving me a 600 would be to much of a loss to the company. i ended up having call lockline. they are sending me a placement at a cost of $10. they said that at the very least i will get a reconditioned 300. hopefully i will get a 600. this wil be a my second replacement.

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