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    I'm using PowerLauncher to keep most of my apps on my 1GB memory card but I often wonder how much memory really needs to be free on the T600 for it to have optimum performance. Right now I can keep it at about 11MB free but that is with keeping AvantGo on the card which means I have to move it back to RAM each time I want to sync it. Am I being paranoid or is there an ideal amount?
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    I'm not sure there's a magic ammount, but I've always gone by a 20% rule of thumb on any device I use. That's plenty of room for moving big files on and off you Sd card. Avantgo shouldn't be more than 1.5 if you're synching a lot of sites--I definately wouldn't move it back and forth.

    One of the more technical folks may give some better details, but I'd relax. This 600 is the first device I've owned with more than 16mb total. I had 2 megs left on my 300...


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    I tend to agree with Pruitt on the 80/20 rule of used/unused capacity, though with the Treo line thusfar one must often break those rules due to the miserable amount of internal memory.

    I find that I can get away with as little as 1.5MB free without constantly being bothered by Blazer telling me that "the page is too large to display," or of other programs putting me into soft resets from too little RAM.

    Cheats I've developed over the years include:

    *Powerrun, Tealalias

    *Cutting waaay back on databases to the bare minimum (and living with when I'm wrong)

    *Avoid buying software. Applications like Mapopolis, Vindigo, Handmark Express and other RAM-intensive yet innovative software is nearly unusable with the terrible hardware coming out of PalmOne to date. (Nothing worse than falling in love with a program, buying it, then finding out that you have no room to run it).

    *buy a HUGE SD card, dump all you can safely run onto the card (\palm\launcher). Use the extra space for mp3's, pics, backups...

    *If you rarely use an app (that you still need to have) that requires lots of RAM (ie: Vindigo) - use an app like launcherX or zlauncher to move it over to the default vfs location (\palm\launcher). It's a terrible workaround, but will get you by: you can usually launch it from the vfs folder, use it, and then manually move it back there when you are done. It frees up that app's amount of RAM. Problems with this include occasionally needing to restore and resync from backups, so backupman or other programs can be a lifesaver (and should be mandatory programs with every Palm with a card slot).

    I'm sure many more users can share their tips on working around the memory lack. My "ideal" target would be at least 4MB free (20%+ on the 600, about 33% on the 650) internally, which is basically impossible for real Treo users. But I would highly advise against running for long at or below 1MB, both because you need space for email and other data increasing quickly, plus you just need space for the OS to breathe.
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    Now , my Free memory on my Treo is 2.5 MB

    Most appliation do not work well on Card , yes they work , but hte DBs are stored in the RAM , (unless the application is written to support to store DBs in the Card itself , most developers done this such as VoiceLauncher ,eWord , bulit-in Camera/Camcorder application)
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    I use essentially this setup described in the T650 forum. It applies just as much to those using a 600.

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