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    Ready to purchase a case for my 650. I have it narrowed down to piel frama or vaja. Any words of wisdom?
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    Considering the Vaja site lies about the middle flip case starting at $74.80, go with the frama... Wow, what am I doing posting here?
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    The Piel Frama leather case for the T650 is nice, if you like the cover flap design in general. I really wanted a 'use in the case' case, and have to confess being suckered into springing for the Vaja semi-rigid i-volution case... pricey though it is. It seems a more formed fit, especially compared to wallet-style slip-ons or flip designs.

    Never spent so much on a case before... I'll learn in about 20 days if it was worth it.
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    After having the Frama case for the 600, I'm getting the Vaja. The Frama was nice leather, but several millimeters off with the headphone outlet. The leather detached from the backer right above the keyboard. But, the biggest problem which was also discussed on these boards, is the clip. The clip is made of plastic and wore down over time on the metal receptor. It then would slip out on it's own to the ground. That expensive Vaja looks nice because the padding looks very thick. I wonder what type of clip they have?
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    I have the Vaja I-volution.....

    All I can say is va va va voom........... It is very cool!
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    I had the Piel Frama flipcase for my Treo 600 and loved it. I had no problem with form, fit or quality -- it was perfect for me. I have already ordered one for my new 650. Honestly, though, I rarely use the clip, so I can't speak to the "wearing down" issue.

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