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    OK. I have the THB kit for my Treo 600 and I love it. Unfortunately, the other day, I had to have the windshield in my '02 Silverado replaced, and the moron that did it, managed to slice through the mic wire that ran along the headliner of the windshield. So, while sitting there stewing in my overhwhelming pissed-offness, I began to think about my On Star system and my hands free system. My biggest (and only) complaint to the THB kit is that the integrated speaker is poor and at highway speeds, can be difficult to hear. So, anyone have a brilliant suggestion about how to integrate my hands free kit with my on star set up, so it mutes the stereo and pumps the sound through the stereo speakers? I would be THRILLED with a suggestion here!

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    I have the THB CarTalk DSP with the wiring harness adapter that ties into the factory stereo. When a call comes in (or when I initiate a call), the car's audio system mutes and the telephone is routed through the front speakers. In addition to my Jeep's audio system, the THB DSP unit has an aux. speaker port that I plugged the THB supplied external speaker into for greater volume. It works very well. For more info on this, contact Alan Jarvis.

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    I wish for the same thing, but it seems there is no solution for us with OnStar. I have spent hours on the phone with OnStar techs and GM's OnStar specialists who all tell me there is no possible way of integrating our phone kits - or anything else, for that matter, with our OnStar head units.
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    Where can I get the THB kits for the Treo 600?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tnegg
    Where can I get the THB kits for the Treo 600?
    I found it cheaper elsewhere (try a Google search). However, those other places did not include the external antenna, as the factory PalmOne kit does, so I purchased mine here at the TreoCentral Store.

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    I have purchased 10 handsfree kits for my sales reps and have had nothing but trouble with them from the beginning. I'm in UK therefore we use Orange network. I would appreciate any help on getting better sound quality. The current sets are unusable at highway speeds and one can just about hear the call when parked up. Just about to test the DSP kit on one car before i have to purchase 10! Does this kit make a difference.



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