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    Quote Originally Posted by adiascar
    - After making a call, the call can be transferred to the HCB-30. After I dial using the 650, I press the "talk" button on the HCB-30 and the call is transferred to the HCB-30. The manual mentions something about voice dialing, but it is phone-based. This means that the HCB-30 itself does not do voice dialing, but it supports the voice dial feature on certain phones. I don't know if this will work with the voice dial software that comes with the 650. I haven't tried it yet. I was waiting to have a good working BT car adapter to do that. I'll try it after I have the HCB-30 installed. I figure the worst case would be that you initiate the call on the 650 using VoiceDial and then transfer it to the HCB-30.
    Do I read you right when you say, in order to dial out from the phone you have to dial the # on the Treo, press "send" and then connect to the HCB-30 by pressing its "talk" button. Seems like an extra step to me.

    I too have the carkit for the samsung i330 and all I'm looking for is something for the 650 that matches it, BT or wired.
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    Quote Originally Posted by swingline
    Do I read you right when you say, in order to dial out from the phone you have to dial the # on the Treo, press "send" and then connect to the HCB-30 by pressing its "talk" button. Seems like an extra step to me.
    You read it right, I wrote it wrong.

    There is no need to press the "talk" button for the call to be picked up by the HCB-30.

    I made changes to the original message for clarity, thanks for your observation.

    I'm still very happy with the HCB-30. The only one thing I wish for sometimes is a caller ID display. When shopping for a car kit, I thought I didn't need a caller ID display because the phone displays that information, but I was still in the mindset of having to place the phone in a cradle in front of me to be able to use the adapter. Now that I don't have to do that, I usually leave the phone in my belt case. When I get a call, I have to either struggle to look at the phone (which I don't do while driving) or answer "blindly", as people used to do way back in the middle ages before caller ID.
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    In short, there's practically no cars in the US that have those connectors. You would have to buy an amplifier and a speaker to use the Parrot kit.
    It is true that there are almost no vehicles on this side of the pond that use those iso audio connectors(some audis and vw's). It is NOT true that you need to have a seperate amplifier and speaker to use the parrot kit. All you do is cut off those european iso connectors and either directly wire it in to your vehicle radio harness, or you can do what I did and wire it up to "spare" factory reverse and regular car radio harnesses, making a "splice" harness for your vehicle.
    Then all you have to do is remove your radio, unplug the harness out of the back of the radio, plug the "splice harness" into the back of the radio, then plug the factory car harness into the other end of your "splice" harness.
    The wiring on the parrot kits are 100% standard and compatible with all factory car audio wiring. The nice thing about making a "splice" harness is that you do not have to cut any factory wiring. It is no harder than wiring up or installing an aftermarket car stereo.

    You can get these regular and reverse harnesses anywhere they install car audio products (best buy/circuit city, etc) I ordered mine from
    because mine was hard to find locally.
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    I also have the HCB-30. It worked 100% with my Sony T637 (not suprisingly because they are both made by Sony).

    It seems to work fine with the Treo650 as far as placing/answering calls. The only difference is the green LED does not stay lit on the HCB-30 control when connected to the phone like it did with the T637 (I could turn on a power-saving mode on my T637 that would have the same effect). I don't mean just during a call, but normally with the Sony phone it was lit all the time.

    With the Sony phone, I was also able to transfer calls back to the handsfree much easier. With the Treo 650, if I cancel the handsfree in the phone, in order to transfer back to the HCB-30 I have to press the call button on HCB-30 and wait until the LED turns green (sometimes I have to do this twice - but I think this is only when I try to reconnect to quickly before giving the 650 time to re-adjust). Then after it turns green I have to press the Call button again and it transfers to car.

    This does not really matter to me because I rarely need to transfer calls to the car (usually is the other way around). It seems to work fine for the most part and am glad that I did not have to spend more $ on a proprietary car-kit and have cords and stuff like have done in the past with non-bluetooth phones.
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    I got my HCB-30 sometime a year ago. I initially had the Sony T608. The phone had a lot of problems. When I got my Treo 650, I was very pleased that the HCB-30 worked very well with the Treo. My only complaint is that of others: that the HCB-30 cannot initiate the phone call. This is one of the greates safety features of this unit: that you do not have to look anywhere to inititate a call- you simply press that button. Is anyone aware of progress on the ability of the carkit to initiate the phone call?
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    Quote Originally Posted by adiascar
    I had purchased the Parrot CK3000 before, but it routes sound through car stereos with ISO connectors. In short, there's practically no cars in the US that have those connectors. You would have to buy an amplifier and a speaker to use the Parrot kit.
    True there aren't many cars that have ISO connectors, but I have both the HCB-30 and the Parrot CK3000 in my two cars. I used the Autoleads connectors for my BMW from (yes, I know, shameless plug!) The install on the Parrot, because of the Autoleads connectors was MUCH easier than the install in my MINI with the HCB-30. I found the HCB-30 to be a decent kit with basic features, but have never gotten wordspotting to work with it with any phone. The wordspotting feature works great with my Parrot and the SonyEricsson T610. The Parrot kit is definitely a better kit with more features.

    On a side note though, many of the coolest bluetooth features don't work on my Treo 600, so for someone with only one Treo and no other handsets, the HCB-30 is an economical choice if you don't want integration with your stereo.

    One last note, with either kit, don't forget the stereo mute! You can usually find out the mute pin on the back of your radio from your user manual included with the car... or perhaps a friendly dealer will pass on the info. Mute works on both my kits in both my cars, and the radios flash up 'Phone' on their displays and the sound cuts off so you can hear your caller! Fun, fun, fun!
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    Hey everyone,
    I've got good news for those of you that want to ditch the speaker that comes with this kit and use your car's stereo speakers. I know the HCB-30 is discontinnued, but I picked one up on eBay for a reasonable price. I was dead set on hooking up the audio through my stereo speakers, and contacted Sony Ericsson directly. It was confusing for a while and I couldn't get much info out of them, but through my research I was finally able to find the product that I needed. The HCB-16 is the cable you need. I am thrilled with the way mine came out, and the audio quality is excellent. There is a guy on eBay that sells the cables. When I initiate or receive a call, my stereo mutes and the call comes through loud and clear. No need for the Parrot.

    Here is the HCB-16 on eBay
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    I had similar success with the same setup and loved it. Fortunately, I was able to get a car audio place in SoCal to hook it up for me. I have since sold the car, but I'm enjoying the HFL in the Acura MDX.
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