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    Seidio BlueTalk Bluetooth car kit is the ultimate in-car hands-free and wireless solution. It is very easy to use and install.

    The Seidio BlueTalk Bluetooth Car Kit provides you with these added benefits:

    • Installation free – Plugs directly into your cigarette-lighter without additional wiring.

    • Bluetooth wireless connection – Bluetooth 1.1 compliant with broad support for most current and future Bluetooth Smartphones.

    • Integrated speaker with volume control - Improves sound output from your Smartphone and allows you to listen to GPS commands or audio books.

    • Full duplex hands-free operation – The built-in amplified speaker and microphone allows complete hands-free speakerphone while driving.

    • Acoustic Echo Cancellation – Integrated digital signal processor provides noise reduction, echo cancellation and background noise cancellation.

    • External microphone jack – Allows improved sound capture with included external microphone.

    For more information about this product, please visit:
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    We like the Seidio products. But let me tell you what we want really want.

    First of all, we want:
    1)Something that looks like the Seimen/Nokia 616 respectively
    We love the way the Seimen LCD product can be flushed mounted as though it came with the car. The Nokia LCD is great because it looks space age. Please no more cigarette lighter add-on attachments.

    2) We love the elegance of the Seidio G2500 cradle/charger.

    3) We want something that mutes the radio/CD player on incoming/outgoing calls. A control box behind the dash board. We want the audio capable of being played back in the car's speaker system.

    4) We want hidden omni direction microphones with voice control i.e. dial by number, dial by name, etc.

    5) We want it to work with the Treo 650/Bluetooth profiles. Make Bluetooth work with a Treo and win the prize.

    6) We want a really cool external antenna available to us when the Treo products can support it.

    7) We would like the product to be priced between $400.00-600.00
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    Quote Originally Posted by specimen38
    7) We would like the product to be priced between $400-600.00
    Ehm.. no we wouldn't!
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    Okay..... LOL

    I take it -- you like the other stuff. Suggest a price or something.

    Quote Originally Posted by awesterink
    Ehm.. no we wouldn't!
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    Totally agree with 1-6 . I'd be willing to pay up to $250 for it, no more!
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