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    My keyboard "quit" yesterday. The phone was still on but I couldn't use any buttons on the keyboard. After several soft resets, I finally did a hard reset...then several more soft resets. It finally worked again. I reinstalled my data and it was fine until today. It did the same thing again...I did the same thing it working. Does this sound like a software problem or a device problem? I have had minor probs with Silverscreen-moving my apps around and changing my icons....I deleted Silverscreen...hoping this helps. Any ideas? I only have e-reader pro, my bible, daily reader, filez, mvoice, handzipper lite, and backupman on my device. I originally had tealback, yesterday, when this first happened. But the second time, I had backupman. Any ideas?
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    OYE! That doesn't sound like a software problem to me! I'ld probably just exchange it...
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