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    I figured it may be helpful if someone created a thread where we can aggregate all the Treo 650 bugs and the fixes we've devised. Here are my first two (unfortunately I don't have fixes for either):

    BUG: System Volume Turns Itself On
    I prefer to not hear a little electronic click everytime I press a button, so I set the System Volume to Off (in Sound Preferences > Application General). However sometime later, the electronic click will magically reappear, even though checking the sound settings reveals the System Volume is still set to off.

    The temporary fix is to go back into the sound settings and select another value for this setting (i.e. 1 - 4) then immediately re-select 'off'. This is not a permanent fix as the sound returns after a while.

    BUG: Five-Way Directional Pad Does Not Work in HotSync Log
    After performing a hotsynch, and viewing the hotsync log on the Treo 650, the 'Done' button cannot be selected. Additionally, if the log is longer than one screen, when you move over to the down arrow, pushing the select button will not scroll the screen down.

    No fix identified.
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    This is just an idea - and I don't know how to make it happen, but this system sound bug drives me NUTS so maybe someone will figure out how to implement a workaround whereby the sound file for the system sound click is replaced with a file that plays... the sound of nothing (silence).

    " " instead of "click" - I'm not a programmer but I'd imagine that this could be a relatively simple fix that would make me much happier with my new treo.
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    Most anoying bug so far :-;

    System volume = off > and after a while it starts clicking again
    Is there a real fix ?
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    Mine does this as well Got-to-love Palm OS.

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