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    i'm trying to download zlauncher and ptunes plus a couple of other things to my treo. they are all zipped. do i need to unzip them on my laptop before i send them to the treo or do i need to have something on my treo that will do it. also if i need to do it on the laptop how do i do it. thanks. i know these are really simple questions but more than i know.
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    You can unzip them on the Treo or the Laptop. For now I would suggest you unzip them on your laptop util you get more familiar with the Palm and Unzipping. Once the files are unzipped, you just double click them and they will go into the Palm installer automatically and then they will be installed on your next Hotsync.
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    There are various unzip apps for palmos including LightNZip and handzipper...
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