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    I am sure someone smater then me can help me. I'm out of ideas and have hit a boiling point.

    5 of us at my company have the Treo 650's. We use a pop email server. My understanding is that Versamail should sync my inbox with my outlook on my laptop. For 1 person - It does. It works great. I loaded the CD from Sprint, ran the versamail set up, it detected his outlook acount and in the set up there were two noteable things

    1) He had 4 tabs - General, incoming mail, outgoing mail, AND folders.
    2) Under Genral - The line that says "Desktop connection" was a drill down with two options . "Direct Connection with POP server" or "Microfot outlook 98 or higher". The outlook 98 option is selected.

    His works great

    For the other 4 of us - Our does not work. Everything was loaded the same way - However - for us three - We only have three tabs in the setup (No folder tab) as well as the Desktop connection line is not a drop down for us, and is hardcoded as saying "Direct Connection with POP server. As a result - Our inbox's are not syncing.

    Only difference between ours is the one who is working is outlook 2002, the rest of us have 2003. However -I blew out outlook 2003 on my laptop and installed outlook 2002. It still did not work.

    I have called Sprint 4 times and have gotten nowhere.


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    Not sure how to solve that specific problem but you may want to try

    I use earthlink which is pop e-mail and outlook. I tried to get my e-mail brought over to PDA and outlook as well as attachment docs in Word. it has been fantastic my e-mails go to desk top and PDA. What ever I do on my PDA automatically ( no syncing) occurs on desk top.

    Tech world just reviewed.
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    Thanks -

    However - THat is not excatly the issue. My workaround is to keep my e-mail on the server. That way I can download it to both my Treo and my laptop. But it is a pain in the A**. If I read a e-mail on my laptop and delete it, or move it to a folder, I have to remember to then do the same thing on the Treo. I go through over 100 e-mails a day - So it's a pain. Ideally - The inbox should sync (According to Sprint) and if I delete the e-mail on my Laptop or Treo, once I hotsync they will match.
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    Here's the issue. The one guy in the office that got it working set up Outlook a little differently than you did.

    When he set up Outlook he chose to set up his mail account as a corporate mail account, i.e. using MAPI to get at the mail hence he has a profile designated by Outlook as MSEX. The other four of you on the other hand set up the mail account as an internet mail type account giving the profile designation in Outlook as MSINET.

    This would be why you don't have the folders tab there. POP does not support folders outside of the Inbox.

    So how do you fix it. Go and change your MAPI profile to be a corporate mail account as opposed to an internet mail account and reset up the account in VersaMail. To do that you have to set up another mail account and delete the existing VersaMail account. If you do it right, you will see that on the general tab that there is a drop down with the two selections there.

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    I also had trouble initially setting up versamail. I had to wipe out the desk top and start from scratch re-loading the software. Make sure you erase the versamail back-up files. Hard reset the palm and start over. There should not be any difference between Outlook 2002 and 2003. I have Outlook 2003. I use sprintpcs and my downloads and replys are very reliable. Even the scheduling of e-mail downloads works great -- I was suprised.
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    Dang -

    You are right on the money! However - I still need you - This may be a dumb question but how do I change it to a MAPI account if I do not have a exchange server?
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    That you don't have an Exchange server is interesting. Interesting in how the one guy in the office was able to set one up.... maybe you guys could check with him?
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    Thanks - I've looked at his before - But will look again. There has to be something differnet and I will check.

    Does anyone know, why for the love of God, versamail doesn't sync directly with outlook. Lots of third party vendors do (Inbox to go to name one), Windows CE does with Active Sync, why can't palm?
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    I checked his computer. Outlook is set up excatly the same way. Only difference is that in his mail client on Windows there is a excahnge server profile already set up (It's blank). My guess it Outlook 2000 put it there at some point. However - Nothing is in it.

    I created a dummy exchange server profile on my computer -and re-installed the palm with Versamail software. Same results.....
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    Hi PSC9973,

    Were you able to find a solution to your problem? I have the exact same problem and can't sync my versamail with my outlook inbox. Help!

    Please email me: THANKS!

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