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    That is the question.

    My VC 650 should be here in about a week price: $349

    Now I see that an unopened 650 is about (40 min from now) to sell on ebay for $735!

    For the mathatically challenged, like me, that would be over a 100% profit. I could then use my 18mo upgrade at Sprint and get the 650 for $450 and still be way ahead.

    Choices, choices.

    Probably won't do it, but so tempting.....
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    this is the way that I see it:

    bought Treo 650 from Treo central @ $369.oo
    vc treo $349.00

    sell vc at ebay for 600.00

    treo to me for $118.00

    I like it!!!
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    That guy is lucky then. I sold one on ebay and it only went for $625.
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    Even better, if you qualify for the Sprint rebate buy the next one from Amazon for $369. But of course your potential ebay buyers can buy from Amazon as well. I can't imagine any ebay buyer looking for a 650 would not have checked Amazon.

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