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    I've seen this download before, but can't remember the name...or I'd do a search...

    There's something you can download to turn the categories (All, Main, System, Utilities, etc...) into tabs across the top of the screen to easily switch instead of using that drop down box on the top right side...anyone remember the name of it or use it?

    And is there an easier way of switching between applications rather than having to hit the "home" icon to go back to this main screen?


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    There is program called launch em (find at that allows you to create your own tabs on any edge of the screen and place your apps into them.

    Regarding the lauching of apps....I'm not sure but look at launch em and see if it'll do what you want.

    It's shareware so you can try before you buy. It has some other neat gadgets whereby you can drag and drop (lose) to delete, rename or move apps without having to go through the Palm tedious method of "info".

    Moose Man

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    I use LauncherIII (v. 1.5.2). It does a wonderful job, lets you use tabs, has several icons at the bottom for various tasks and is FREE. It seems to be very stable. I have used some version of it for the last three years.
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    well I downloaded the latest version of Launch 'Em to try before I buy it. I love the features...but since I've installed it about an hour ago, it has fatally crashed three times when selecting various gadgets and I had to this common? If so, it's getting deleted....

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    No not on my Visor. Are you running Docs to Go? That's caused me crashes on the Visor.

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    Is Docs to Go a separate feature of Launch 'Em? I looked at the "info" section for all apps installed on my visor and didn't see anything like that...thanks.


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