I am having an interesting issue with my palmOne branded Jabra BT250.
I have it paired to the handsfree profile, and it has been working ok for the past week or so. However, over the past three days, it has been working less, to the point where a daily reboot of the headset and re-pairing of the device is necessary. Enough backstory, here is the problem:

When I place or answer a call (or even redial from the headset, this actually works for me) the following happens:
  • If the call is not transfered to the headset, a press of the MFB transfers the call to the headset
  • Regardless of the above two steps, THERE IS NO AUDIO on the headset
  • If I cancel the headset on the phone screen, I get audio on the phone
  • I can press the MFB and get the call and audio back on the headset.

To make a long story short, I get no audio on the headset the first time it connects for any call.

Any thoughts/ideas? I have no other bluetooth headset to test with, so I'm not sure if the problem is the phone or headset...

Thanks in advance!