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    I have been looking at the Parrot Bluetooth car kit with the LCD screen, which causes me to think.

    Living in LA, I constantly use my current T600 to go to to watch my updated traffic maps and speeds. The only problem is, looking at my small T600 screen, someday I'm going to pay for not looking at the road.

    When I get my T650, would there be a way to get such data to something like the Parrot remote LCD screen? I would love to have a bigger screen showing my traffic maps. I wonder if in addition to this unit showing your address book, if it could transfer this type of data also.

    Any thoughts, suggestions or reccomendations?
    Any inventors out there? Thanks.
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    Check the Bluetooth forum and you will see how lame the 650 is with the car BT systems. 650 seems to only be using the headset profile, so your pricey car BT system is a glorified Jabra headset only. No data. No call intiation, caller ID, etc.
    If you can't see your address book, you certainly cannot see your blazer display.

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