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    I have been losing my Contacts categories during a Hotsynch and left with the 4 generic all, quicklist, personal, unfiled categories. Anybody else having the same problem or know how to remedy this. I have a T600 with the standard address book. Thanks in advance.
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    Are you syncing with Palm Desktop or Outlook? I have an answer for you if you use PocketMirror conduits with Outlook.
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    I never had an issue as long as PocketMirror was configured correctly, but let's see what his response his to your query
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    I am not using Pocket Mirror or Outlook. I am using the regular Palm Desktop with the standard synching. Any brainstorms? Thanks.
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    Stupid question but ..... is the conduit set to Syncrhonize and not one of the other options.
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    Dang, that was a GOOD question. I was taught: never overlook the obvious. Alas, it is set to synchronize.....

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