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    After initial configuration, everytime I try to sync this application, after about 5 seconds the phone reboots itself. Anybody else having this same problem?
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    Try turning off notifications of new mail. If that works, you can turn them on again and be fine.
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    Where do I go find that?
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    I called sprint about this and after speaking with several techs for several hours I ended up removing the application. When I would do a ##377# I would get the following error: A reset was caused on (insert date and time) while running "Biz Conn"; DataMgr.c, Line 7415, Invalid UniqueID passed

    Are you getting the same error?
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    I spoke with at least 10 techs and non of them had a clue how to fix it. I never receive error messages, only the rebooting. I have a trouble ticket out with them now. I will post any results...But from the lousy service I've received so far, I don't think they will figure it out.

    They had me try multiple things,

    soft reboot
    hard reboot
    uninstall and then re-install the application....
    All resulting in the same problem.

    First time configuring the 650, it retrieves the e-mails fine.
    Subsequent tries, after it links up to Vision and the next screen shows up....I think it says retrieve data drom personal server or something. It reboots itself....
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    After your Treo soft resets if you type in ##377# from the dial pad it will bring up an error message that will tell you what application caused the crash and give you the error code. This might help.

    Also, I insisted on speaking with Sprint's Level 2 techs and they had more of a clue, but weren't able to resolve it.
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    Go to Business Connect, then Preferences->mail settings->alerts and uncheck all boxes. Force a sync and see if that fixes your problem. Then try moving the email messages around the last one you see on your treo to a different folder on your desktop to make sure it is not a certain message causing the problem.
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    See my posts at these links about looking in your slingshot.log file. What is odd is it takes a subsequent sync for this to happen. This sounds more like the desktop connector is crashing that may be causing your device to crash as well.


    If you find an "exiting" type error then the desktop connector is crashing as well. Soft and hard reseting won't do much of anything useful. Performing a re-register from the device will reset the database from a certain level. Start with these steps above if you haven't narrowed it down to a certain email.

    Also - What connector are you using? Exchange / Domino / POP or IMAP?

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