I am happy to report that my Treo 600 car kit that many of you have bought works fine with the Treo 650. Gave it a thorough test yesterday: MP3 stereo playback as well as Speakerphone with external mic works great through the car stereo. Since my car kit is not cradle based, you can just plug the my car kit harness into your 650's earphone jack and you have a working MP3/ speakerphone system. No need to buy another one for the 650, who knows how long you'll have to wait for availability. My car kit is available now!

I know many of you want a bluetooth speakerphone and those will become available eventually. Bluetooth wireless is great but the Treo 650 bluetooth does not support the stereo profile so you won't get stereo MP3 playback. The only option, if you want a speakerphone with stereo MP3 playback in your car, is a wired setup like my car kit.