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    Quote Originally Posted by Woof
    I loaded up the pro version a couple of days ago and deleted the whole mess last nite. orry to say but it was a complete waste of time.
    Here's what I did to test this.

    Installed all prc's as staed many times in these threads.
    Read the manual.
    Recorded a tag to open Teal Auto. I said mileage as that is mainly what I use it for.
    Tested the recidng aseveral times and got anywhere from 86 to 100% on the test.
    Went into Prefs and enabled VDPro. Changed nothing else.
    Set the activation to Volume UP.
    Exited the program completely. When to the phone app.
    Pushed the VUP and saw the Listening screen
    Said" Mileage"
    Heard a womans voice say "No match"
    Tried again. Same result.
    Went back into VD PRO and disabled it.
    Tried recording a speeddial to my office number.
    Set it all up and the hit record.
    Says listening but does nothing else.
    Tried to record many times. No luck.
    Hit ok, goes to main screen and shows a tag for teal auto and my office number.
    Go to Prefs and enable program
    hit V up and get listening prompt.
    Tried "mileage", no joy.
    tried "Office" no joy.

    Deleted whole business, soft reset and installed it all again.
    Repeated above steps and got THE SAME RESULTS!!

    Deleted programs.

    Just glad I didnt shell out the $34.95 up front.
    Woof, which model phone or you using? I'm using the 600 with over 90% accuracy on all commands dialing and program/menu. I think if you make sure you deleted your previous voice dialer prc's by using your file manager not just deleting the program in the launcher app you might have better luck. Also just enable the software and leave it enabled through out the whole process of set up and use and soft resets might give you the results you are looking for. I find VD Pro to be a must have along with Bob's Poplaunch. I have my four buttons mapped with dedicated commands for programs and my vol key free to pull up anything else like someone's name and phone number to sytems cmds to applications. I personally didn't like the standard VD because you had to be in the program to activate it and it took functionality away from one of my program buttons. I use to use Voice Commander to launch programs and the like but don't need two apps to do the same things. Plus it hijacks one of the hard button I use for programs.This app does it all in just one program. So V Cmd was deleted. To me this program gets 4.5 out of 5 stars.
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    as posted on their own forum there is a problem w/VD Pro on the 650. It was not me or my phone but the software.
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    Quite frankly, I am surprised that there are not more comments in this thread about this app. It is a great idea, such that I am giving the Pro version a trial (day 3 of 10) on a T600. I have had all of the issues already mentioned, and I was about to give up on this app, but after the third soft reset during the training period, it suddenly started working. Sorry to say that I don't know what caused VoiceDialer to finally start working.
    My experience so far is that I have to keep inching the Matching Sensitivity closer to the LAX setting for proper recognition (even with +90% confidence during test phase), which leads me to believe that I will not ante up after the trial period. Maybe later revs will improve performance.
    I did note that Alli has commented in another thread that she is satisfied with Voice Dialer. Is that the Standard or Pro version?
    Back to my opening statement...
    Usually there is an outpouring of commentary, both positive and negative on new apps (especially when smiley88 is involved) but this app is quite lean on feedback. Did so many users jump to the 650 that interest in 600 apps is dying?
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    I have been using the Pro version with mixed success. All of the voice commands and px numbers are in the 90+ range and with the current installation (of about 5 installs) I am getting about 85%. I find it best to record in a very quiet environment and make sure I am consistent in tone and pace when using it. It does better with a longer command than it does with a short command. It has problems with "2Day" and I have been upping the sensitivity. After reading the above post, I'm moving it toward the lax side and gosh, it recognized "2Day." Looks like I was going the wrong direction. Ben
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    Does anyone have an issue with the hard buttons that can be used to launch this program. I don't want to use any of the main buttons (phone, calendar, etc.) because I use them all the time. I also don't want to use the volume up or down button becuase I use those to either adjust the volume while on a call or to stop the ringing when a call comes in. It would be great to be able to assign another button - like the letter "V" - to launch this applicaiton. Any possiblity of that?
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    I found a program that is much eaiser than Voice Dailer called "Voicedial" by VoiceSignal
    There is no "learning". It works great on my Treo 650. It really really works great!!!! You just have to remember to use the word "CALL" before the name.
    Same Price, trail period, etc. NO BUGS! Found it @ Treo Central Store (after I paid for & deleted Voice Dialer.
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    I tried Voicedial by Voice Signal and found it to have the same results as Voice Dialer. No better at all. Ben
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    I paid for the pro version of voice dialer and had no success went back to the standard and it works fine.

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