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    What exactly is AvenGo and what does it do???

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    Go to find out.

    Right now, I use it to download web pages for later viewing. It is great and free.

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    I've read many posts from people who think that AvantGo is the greatest app for their Palm/Visor since sliced bread.

    The major drawback seems to be that it gobbles RAM. But that doesn't seem to be too much of a problem with a Visor Delux.

    At the AvantGo web site, you "subscribe" to your favorite "channels" (News, sports, weather, VisorCentral, etc). With each hotsynch, the latest in each channel is downloaded from the web into your Visor.
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    And, AvantGo will let you bookmark other sites that you like, and have them downloaded to your Visor (or PalmPilot) so you can read them later.

    Some of the channels on AvantGo include the Weather Channel (, Wired Magazine (, and the New York Times ( So, it's just like being able to look at the web pages on your Visor, except that they're diffent versions of the web sites with fewer pictures and no ads. Also, it of couse doesn't load the entire site on your Visor - usually only two or three pages deep. In other words, there will be a lot of links on the sites on the Visor that you can click on, but they won't take you anywhere.

    Anyway, I highly recommend it. It's great.

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    Does anyone know how to use avantgo with a mac? on the web site i couldnt find any info.
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    I am now using Avantgo, but am running into some problems. I first started downloading every channel that interested me and then after using them for a week, I found that a lot of the info is repetative. I then deleted some channels to get rid of the unnecesary ones.. But now I think that the old channels are still taking up the RAM.. I cant find a way to get the decrease the amount of space I use, no matter what channels I delete.

    Any help put there??

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    I have the same question. If you find out please let me know.


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    If you go to the AvantGo web site and log in you can adjust the link depth (how many levels deep AG will download to your Visor) and adjust the maximum memory size of each site you want - so that it will not exceed.

    Different web sites are set up differently so it just takes a little bit of trial and error before you figure out how to manage your "regulars"

    Hope that helps!

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    dov and frayela,

    Based on an earlier thread:
    1) There is no desktop app for Avantgo for the Mac. Sorry!

    2) Someone on VC said that Avantgo is working on a Mac version, but I have no idea when it will be out.

    3) If either of you is a programming wizard, the specs for making a channel for Avantgo are available from them, free at:

    4) There are two ways for mac users to use AvantGo now:
    a) use a modem directly from the handheld to connect to the net..not really an option for Visors until the modems come out.
    b) Run a Windows emulator on your mac and keep your Visor stuff in that (yuk!)
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    It doesn't appear to be any way to remove the AvantGO records w/out removing the whole application (at your own risk). Normally, you could go to the app launcher, type Command-D (/D) and choose a record to delete.. but AvantGO is packed together (ex: no separate record(s) for just NYT, etc.)

    One thing you might try to reduce your memory consumption is to clear out any forms or cached pages in AvantGO.

    1. Open AvantGO
    2. Open the Menu (lower-left icon on silkscreen)
    3. Choose 'Channel Manager'
    4. Check any channels you no longer want (it shows the usage to the right) and click CLEAR
    5. Choose 'Online Cache' from the menu and clear any cached pages that are displayed, if any.
    6. Choose 'Forms Manager' from the menu and check any forms/results from channels you no longer want.. click CLEAR to remove them

    Hope this helps.
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    so i'm trying to understand this....once I download a website or two (the amount of which I determine), how do I then clear that information off my vdx to download again? can I just delete that information? or is that the problem and with each hotsynce and download it keeps building up?

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    Avantgo automatically deletes out-of-date pages. When you sync the pages are checked for updates, and if the page has been updated the old pages are replaced by the new ones. You can delete the data manually -- which will return updated when you sync again -- but this isn't too much of an issue with 8MB.

    "The problem" is that it is so addictive you will keep going back again and again to to add channels. "Oh cool, movie listing for my city! Wow, the weather! Hey look, breaking news in Timbucktu! Oh man, I gotta know the best restaraunts in Chicago! I'm sure I'll go to Chicago one day, and man will I be HUNGRY! And of course I'll need maps and directions...MapQuest!"

    On and on it goes, until sync's take 5 minutes and you have 10K of memory left.


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    thanks tyler.

    next question then. say you have 6 channels on avantgo...can you temporarily turn several(or all) off if you don't want an update every time you hotsync?

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    Harry, you can do that at the website. Each of your channels can be configured for sync frequency.
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    you guys are right...I just downloaded avantgo and it's totally and city guides, map directions, etc, etc....good thing I got 8mb!


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