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    So, I've been having some of the same problems initially with the 650 as others. I learned several lessons in the process. One was to load up each program individually and not rely on a standard sync from the files that were created on my old T3. That seemed to stabilize everything.

    I also picked up, almost by accident, how much new functionality was added to the Datebook when activesync was put in place. As usual, I was syncing with Outlook, and noticed that the location field was being populated as expected. One day, however, I noticed that a whole new data point, the Attendees, were also coming over for meetings! That is cool!

    Anyway, as I usually do when I get a new Palm device, I decided to take a look at the other date management tools. I've been a long time user of DateBK, and am waiting for CESD to include the location and attendees function before I go back. But, I thought I'd give Agendus v9 a that was a mistake!!!!

    Apparently Agendus wreaks havoc with the standard sync and does two very funky things:

    1. Moves Location onto the subject line of the meeting, and places it in {} brackets.....the Location is then lost in the actual Location field!!!!!!

    2. Kills all Attendees data

    Worse yet, after uninstalling Agendus, I can't get back to the original Location and Attendees settings!!!

    Anybody else play with Agendus v9 and get the same problem?

    This stinks!
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    I agree. Agenda 9.0 is HOPELESS! As a longtime user of Agendus, I switched to Datebk5 and TealPhone. I couldn't be happier!
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    I must say that I have not ventured to Agendus as an appointment solution. If the synchronization feature is being altered, that is truly a shame.
    I was large and in charge!

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