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    Do you guys use primarily the Palm Desktop for your calendar needs? Or are you using Outlook instead?

    I'm thinking of getting the Daytimer software because I like the features and layout much more than Outlook or the Palm Desktop.

    If I use this, when I hotsync, will the info I enter on my VDX update both the Daytimer and the Palm Desktop at the same time?

    Also, does anyone hotsync on more than one computer and are there any problems or downsides to doing this? I'd like to hotsync at work as well as at home, possibly using Daytimer at both places. I assume to keep both up to date I'd just have to hotsync when I get home so that any info I entered at work and synced would be at home as well.

    Is any of this making any sense? I'm rambling....


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    I use Outlook only because my current consulting client uses it. What I'd like to use is a web-based calendar/PIM software but I havent' tried any of the ones out there yet.

    If you get the Daytimer software be sure it has the conduit software to link up to your Visor. If not, there's no way to sync except by buying a third-party app to do it. Even the Visor can't natively sync with Outlook. You have to install PocketMirror (a third-party app bundled with the Visor) on the Visor CD to do so.

    You'll be unable to sync to both the Daytimer and Palm Desktop software at the same time which begs the question, Why would you want to? As long as your data is synced somewhere, what does it matter where it is? If you decide to switch desktop programs (say from Daytimer to the Palm desktop) just sync up with the Visor, change the conduits (i.e. remove the third-party conduit software) and then sync to the native Palm desktop. Be sure to set Handheld overwrites Desktop so your data doesn't get mangled.

    Syncing at both home and work is certainly possible but you'll want to make sure your settings are correct as far as what overwrites what. There's a danger of getting multiple entries in the datebook but as long as you're careful, it'll work fine. This really only applies to the first sync on each machine.

    I'm rambling as well. Do a search on the VC message boards for syncing on two machines. There've been several discussions on this topic already.

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    Thanks Mark...that was my concern...the setup for both machines and making sure that I didn't get multiple entries, or that I didn't overwrite anything...

    Daytimer does have built in syncing capabilities...they have a free 30 day trial by I'm gonna give it a try. Thanks.


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