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    Having owned several Palms but never one with cell phone capability, what are the (dis)advantages of purchasing the Treo 650 at a retail store (e.g., Best Buy) vs directly from the cellular provider?
    - are the costs similar?
    - is there a difference in replacement/insurance packages?

    I currently have Cingular and am waiting for GSM, but could cancel one of
    my phones and be a new customer if necessary.

    Thanks for any advice,
    Jeff DLB
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    Many times you will be able to purchase the phone for less money at Best Buy etc.. due to additional rebates. Also you will have the option to purchase the stores Service Plan. Many people buy the store service plan plus Sprint insurance as sometimes it is more cost effective to use the store service plan for defects, battery, power surges etc.. and use Sprint insurance for the things not covered by store service plans, i.e. theft, loss, physical damage, water damage. I also find less sales pressure and unbiased information at a retail store compared to a Sprint store since most retail stores sell for more than one carrier.

    Also keep in mind even though you may buy it from a Sprint store, it may not be a corporate Sprint store, most aren't.

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