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    Quote Originally Posted by Bujin
    Personally, I love answers like this. The conclusion has absolutely nothing to do with his point, but it supports your mind-set, so that's irrelevant. Yeesh.
    I love replies like this; they show literacy is still a challenge in our country.
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    Quote Originally Posted by anastrophe
    an RC airplane is a toy. crashing one is a pain. a Boeing 777 is not a toy. crashing one is a catastrophe. your metaphor fails on all levels.

    computing devices crash. some are more stable than others. my T650 was very unstable. but read on, there's more to it than this simplistic analysis.

    you consider treos to be *less* complex devices? a computing device with keyboard, high res screen, cellular telephone, broadband internet, all packed into a space half the size of a paperback book is *less* complex than other devices?

    i have zero experience with PPC devices, so i can't speak to whether they crash more or less. i was not aware that PPC devices are more complex. i've never paid attention to the PPC market.

    get this: since doing the hard reset, and going through the crap with the corrupt addressbook problem, i've had no resets. no crashes. zero, zip, nada, none. my T650 is now stable.

    something i xferred over during the initial hotsync was causing the problem all this time.

    update - i just ran a battery of 'make it crash' actions, and was finally able to make it lock up by turning on bluetooth and DUN, then switching back to the browser, where it has hung on connecting to vision. since the DUN hack was already one of the things that made the unit unstable, i'm not surprised. all the other things i tried to crash it with failed.

    this contrasts with things before the 'make it stable' steps, where programs would cause a crash pretty easily.

    i'm very happy with the stability now. i think the biggest failure is that P1 didn't have a separate "DON'T SYNC YOUR T600 DATA TO YOUR T650" warning in the box. this seems like a pretty creitical issue. right, i know - the same applies to upgrades in just about any palmos device. it was stupid of me to do the initial hotsync with all my old data. user error.

    The metaphor works perfectly, as it was pointed at complexity scale, not at the actual destruction of the devices.

    They are absolutely less complex; a desktop/server OS is much more complex. This is very obvious, but if I need to explain further, let me know.
    Don't confuse shrinking electronics (the Treo could be MUCH smaller if that was the goal) with greater complexity.

    Glad the 650 is stable for you now. My second one is doing all right as well.

    I completely agree with you on the warning label idea. I do not think it was stupid of you at all; many (most?) people would do the same thing. It's obvious P1 didn't test this adequately.

    I would comment that a "crash"/reset on the Treo is more annoying than anything else. (unless you need to hard reset, which bytes).
    I have never lost data on any Palm or PPC device due to a "soft reset". (as opposed to screwed up sync conduits, that is a different story).
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    Ok, so how do you make the Treo stable if it isn't already.
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    Quote Originally Posted by anastrophe
    finally solved it. one of the caller ID photo in my contacts was corrupt. removed the image from that record, and now hotsync is rolling along normally.

    as to how a caller ID photo became corrupted....i don't even want to think about what happened...

    How in the world did you figure that out???
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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowboxer
    How in the world did you figure that out???
    see my later post #14.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GeekyMom
    Ok, so how do you make the Treo stable if it isn't already.
    How about Leave it in the Box with the battery Removed,, Eliminates Vitually All Problems....
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    i had a few contacts with pictures attached under speed dial on my treo 600. but those contacts don't have pics attached on my 650. maybe they are hidden? but maybe i should just delete those contacts i used to have ;pics attached to (if i can remember which ones!) & try and sync then.... I haven't hotsynced for a month!!!!
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