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    Went to the local Sprint store tonight to return my 650 since 3 of the keys are defective. Was told that I would have to wait at least 2 weeks for a replacement !!!! WTF. The guy then told me that they had 2 in stock but these were for new activations. No matter what I tried they would not give me 1 of those. I asked for the manager and he stated that they were reserved !!! hhhmmmm, kinda convenient that !

    So, now I have to wait for some unknown amount of time to get me a replacement (probably a refurb) 650.

    Any suggestions out there? If I call Sprint store they are probably going to tell me to go to the local store since that's what they told me when I had to replace me T600.

    Anyway, I can use the T650 so it's not that bad. Love the phone, very nice.
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    I just got mine replaced with a new unit in store today.
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    Dutch...that's nice man. I haven't been over impressed with my local Sprint store. It's always the same young kid in there. I feel sorry for him because I've been in there several times with 600 problems and now with my first 650 problem.

    I hate that "We have 2 in stock but they are for new activations only" crap. I told them it's a real shame that they don't want to give the same level of service to current customers than to new customers. Got some drivel answer but they weren't really interested.
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    I suggest going to a store where you can talk to an adult manager, hopefully you'll find one that isn't afraid to make a decision.

    good luck...and don't tell them you've already tried and failed.
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    I would call customer service and tell them the situation. I would be really suprised if they dont swap one thru the mail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sxtg
    I would call customer service and tell them the situation. I would be really suprised if they dont swap one thru the mail.
    I'm on my third 650...the first one I called customer service for (defective "p" key), I had to pay for a replacement and send the old one back to get credit. The one today stopped playing audio for mP3's and videos as well as some of the system sounds. This behavior was consistent after a hard reset with zero apps data and no hotsync. I took in the store and got it swapped out for a new one.
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    I am also on my third 650 and at this time I havent even paid for the first one. For my first purchase, my credit card was charged but then I received a credit on my PCS account and have never been charged for the phone. Then I swapped my 600 for a 650... that 650 had a defective camera and I ordered a swap for that. Right now I have 3 650's 1 600 and a $600 credit on my PCS bill. I going to ship them all tomorrow, and just hope they figure everything out when they get there.

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