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    I recently switched to a Treo 600 from a Blackberry, having previously owned a Palm V. I love the Treo, but I do have two questions:

    - I miss the old list view of the Palm V Address Book, where each entry would be on one line (the numbers used to be right next to the names, on the same line). The Treo 600 shows the number in a line immediately BELOW the corresponding name. I have not been able to find any option to allow me to force the treo to use only one line per entry. Is there a way to do this? The way it is now it shows only 5 or 6 entries per screen, versus 10-11 that would be possible if each entry would use just one line of the screen.

    - I also miss the ability of the Blackberry to dial a number or send an email directly from a contact's detail view. In other words, if I search for a contact and open it, is there an application that would allow me to call or email the person right from the contact's detail view?

    I use Pocket Mirror to sync the Treo with Outlook (and have it set up to use custom forms) so it would be important for me to retain the ability to sync the address book with Outlook using Pocket Mirror.

    Thanks in advance for any help!
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    If you find an answer let me know cause I have the same problem. I understand the multiline view is a new "feature" of the contacts app, where it will also show you multiple phones for each contact on that screen. So if your contact has one phone it takes 2 lines (one for the name and the one below for the number), but if you have three numbers (home, office, mobile), it takes FOUR lines on the screen. Ridiculous. I think the only way out is a 3rd party app. This is very sad.

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