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    I already looked here and on to see if anyone has had this problem when running mmplayer on the Treo 650 and could not find any threads with this identical problem.

    The video and audio looks great but if I hit the left or right navigational buttons, it causes the Treo 650 to soft reset. Wanted to see if anyone had this problem too with the Treo 650 before I e-mailed their support. Thanks.
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    MMplayer is relatively stable for me. I don't get those resets when hitting left or right.

    I don't know what video you're using, (how it was encoded( and that might have an impact. What skin are you using? Are you getting any other errors?

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    No problems using the Treo 600 skin on my 600. I have had resets using the default skin. Try another skin and see if that helps.
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    I some how installed the an older version of MMPlayer (2.13) but once I installed the new version 2.14, it worked like a champ (and stopped the soft resets). Thanks everyone for your help. Watching Seinfeld on my Treo is a great conversation starter and it is funny because people put their "smart" phones away when they see me watching shows using mine.

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