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    I registered my Treo 600 on the palmone site like it says in the manual/documentation and upon deciding on the free gift, I ended up choosing the silly game. I had been reading the forums and everyone was talking about PocketTunes I assumed it was a free app. Of which now I see it isnt. I havent clicked on the link they sent me for the free game, do you think I could re-register in order to get the basic version of PocketTunes for free since i havent downloaded it yet? I dont need it for ringers or anything just to listen to MP3s. Can someone email me the free version they got when they registered?

    Or is there someplace online to download it from? Not a shareware time-limited release, but the basic free version from the palmone email. Thanks for any help. =)
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    Well, even if you do get the free version of Ptunes from PalmOne, you still will have to buy the premium version if you want to stream shoutcast of play wma files etc. Thus, all you would gain by trying to get the free ver of Ptunes from P1 is the cost of the upgrade fee to the premium version... Good luck though...
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    Doesn't the free version also not let you use ringers? I think I remember seeing that somewhere.
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    I dont want to use the ringer function, I only wanted to listen to MP3s, but i wasnt aware you couldnt use it for shoutcast, I was interested in trying it, but for now I would like to have it for MP3s at least. Does anyone have the program?
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    You cannot ask for programs here. We do not allow illegal program sharing.

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