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    I would like to get a decent spreadsheet program that works directly with Excel. I have looked at two in particular: MiniCalc and Quicksheet at PalmGear. I would appreciate any advice from users of either of these two programs. Quicksheet is pretty expensive, although $10.00 off through end of this month.
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    I have tried both and I have stuck with minicalc and they just updated to version 4.04.

    They both have nearly the same features but I find that after reading the manual that minicalc was easier or more intuitive to use. It also translated existing spreadsheets better than quicksheet. That was probably the kicker although I must admit that this "trial" was performed over 6 months ago and I understand that quicksheet has made some improvements.

    Moose Man

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    I just got quicksheet for trial. The touted file sych got hook in my mouth. Hope other jump in with fish stories.

    Moose: (i)How well does minicalc handle file syncx vs quicksheet(/i)

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    Sync is handled by a macro added to the Excel menu bar. Allowed import, export and select user for those who have more than one user on their machine. Export is simple process of clicking on the menu and it exports all of the sheets in the workbook. Sync the Visor and your home free. They are added to the list of available sheets.

    If you have 3'd sheets then you might have a problem depending upon the complexity.

    Importing is nearly as simple.

    If your asking if it syncs and overwrites the existing desktop You'll have to save as and overwrite. Minor irritant but probably a good safeguard.

    Hope this is what you were looking for!

    Moose Man

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