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    Is there any way to switch to another application from the alert screen without hitting done, snooze or go there to dismiss / acknowledge? This question is similar to the Treo 300 upgrade one (i.e. no longer able to choose the length of snooze). This would be useful because I use Calendar entries as alarmed reminders (both appointments and To Do's). I love the Attention Manager; it gathers up all those reminders and essentially creates a To Do list. BUT, ideally, I would like an alarm / alert to sound and then be able to have it AUTOMATICALLY sound again in 30 minutes, but still do some work in another Treo application in the interim time period.

    I know I can do that by hitting "Go There" and reseting the time of the event, but that's a pain in the behind and isn't AUTOMATIC. If I hit "Snooze" the alarm goes again in 5 minutes and there's no way to change that. If I hit "Done" Treo treats the alarm as having been "acknowledged." So while "Done" leaves the alert around in subtle mode (i.e. in the Attention Manager), no more alarms (pop-boxes, audibles) are going to go off.

    I thought Butler would help and I did buy it (I like the ability for MP3 alarms). But it doesn't solve the problem because the alarm screen remains present until "acknowledged" and that kills future alerts (same as the OS 5 default). Anyone know of an App that can do what I'm describing? Apologize for the long post, I'm a newbie using a Treo 600 (Sprint). If another forum is more appropriate, let me know). Thanks!
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    Yeah, I need help with this Snooze feature on the Treo 650. Alerts and appointments made in Outlook are popping up ok... and on time... but the Snooze option defaults to 5 minutes and, apparently, this cannot be adjusted. Is that confirmed anywhere? I went to sound & alerts preferences and it "appeared" to be adjustable perhaps in there - but none of those options effected the snooze. Argh!

    Also, if the alerts are acknowledged, then the Treo is synced with outlook, those alerts are marked as acknowledged and never come back. Argh!

    Can I turn off to-do/appointment alerts altogether on the Treo? Or exclude them from syncing? Is there an app for me somewhere that will give me more control over this stuff? Seems like something that should have been thought out better...



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