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    Ok. So I tried both versions and both work fine until you reboot, then as others have said - infinite looping. Has anyone made this work as of yet? I installed it (both versions) without anything else going via the sync..
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    each time i have had to hard reset, which is getting less and less thank goodness, i delete aol from the backups folder and install it after everything else is done. then it's fine until the next reset. i am using the 3.2, NOT the 3.2.1 which i believe was the treo600 specific version. my logic was that the 650 is a different unit so that mods to the program for the 600 would not necessarily make it OK for the 650. no idea if i am right, but as you indicate, it's the same problem with either one, so at least i'm not wrong...
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    get verichat
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    It's very frustrating to say the least. I've contacted aol's palm support and they claimed it's my device or the software pre-installed. But ofcourse they offered no solutions. I've also emailed the address provided for support on the handago site for the aol software. I hope they will have some useful information. By the way people asking for aol I would argue want it for both the email and instant messaging in one application. So yes verichat would satisfy the chat function, it still means we have to open another program for email which doesn't work properly with the aol servers anyway. So what we need is an aol version designed for the treo 650. It's frustrating not being able to check my aol quickly anymore. I'm forced to log into the web browser version which is no where as fast as the application.

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