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    Is there a default passkey for treo 650 bluetooth ? is there a way to change ? I know , it's probably RTFM, but unfortunatly I don't have FM with me
    Windows keeps asking me for the passkey ,evry time I'm trying to sync
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    I believe it is just 0000, not sure about changing it.
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    The passkey should be set on both sides when you pair them.
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    There should be a check box for "add as trusted device" in the dialog box that asks you for your pin.
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    Enter any number like 0000 one the desktop. The Treo will then ask for that number. Then check off trusted device for all future syncs.
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    Some external devices (handsfree or earpiece) are preset with a code (the Driveblue handsfree speaker for example). Those devices that I have tried so far used 1234. When you connect to them the computer (or Treo) will ask for that code in order to pair them. If it's between a Treo and a PC you can set your own codes as described above. Depends on what kind of device you are trying to connect with via BT. I don't have a Treo yet, but it works the same with my Nokia 6620.

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