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    I just ordered the form-fitting leather case from the TreoCentral store, but it does not fit well! Unlike the a similar one I had for my old 600, this one for my new 650 is slightly small. The part where the clear plastic screen-protection meets the leather partially covers the screen, and the speaker hole is not covered as a result. I try to "stretch it up to fit, but it is too tight.

    Anyone have this probem?
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    Yup! See this thread...
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    Thanks, MarkEagle...

    I bought the same exact one for 4 times the price in the Treo store! How depressing.
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    Its annoying.. It is too small around the screen.

    I liek it otherwise I like the one for the 600

    Krussels case for 600 was nice however the plastic was too thick to use.

    We need a better case
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    GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!

    I JUST received the VERY backordeed TREO ESSENTIALS KIT!

    The case still looks the same as my other form fitting Howver it REALLY smells a lot of leather.

    But more importantly, it is THE RIGHT SIZE! It is bigger just enough so you can type

    Thanks palm!
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    Yes. I purchased the leather case at the Sprint store and it is very tight. Plus the extra piece that clips on the case to cover the screen and keyboard does not fit at all. They say it will stretch, but I'm taking it back before I bend my new 650. I ordered a Vaja yesterday. Dark blue.
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    i've had mine for the last few days. the top clip almost always unbuttons when i go to put in the holster. it helps to attach it upside down, then spin it around. it makes the beautiful treo look cheap. can't wait for my vaja to come yellow/cedar-green.

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