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    Anybody know if you can, and how to, adjust the Workweek in Datebook+. For my company, at least it's one week off, and gets confusing some times.

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    I'm not sure what you're asking, but this may do it:

    Go to the "Week view" (At the bottom, click the third rectangle from the right, it has two horizontal rows of dots, or you can press the datebook silver button twice when in the day view to cycle over to it). Then on the menu, hit "Week preferences..." and you can set what you want for the first day of the week, etc. I am a pastor, so I have mine set as "Sunday" so I can have it in the upper left box, which is bigger.

    Hope it helps!

    MJH <><
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    I'm not certain but you might change the settings in the Palm Desktop or Outlook (if your using) I believe that it will change it here. If your not synching to either one of these programs then I'd suggest contacting either Handspring or Pimlico for clarification.
    In Outlook the setting to view is nested under the Tools - Options menu and then chosee the Preferences tab then the Calendar Options.
    I don't run the Palm Desktop software but if memory serves there is a way to change the Week # there as well.

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    I keep waiting for a response to this message that clarifies exactly what you're looking for, but I have to admit that I'm totally baffled at the moment...

    Are you wanting to adjust the week number that is displayed, or the starting day of the week, or something else?

    The week number displayed is the calendar week based on January 1 as the first week.

    The starting day can be adjust a little...

    Please drop a note indicating what you're looking at and what you want specifically...

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    All: Let me try and clarify. @ my company, WW01 1999 began December 27th 1998. Likewise, this coming year, WW01 of 2000 will begin on December 26th of 1999. Unfortunately this means that the workweek is off by one on my visor. I synchronize with out look, and it carries the correct WW. Any suggestions?

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    I'd suggest changing companies in order to get your Visor in sync with the usual work week. I know not a good option - bills and all to pay.

    I'm at a loss - I just changed the Outlook settings as mentioned above with no effect. I suggest contacting Pimlico or Palm tech support and ask them how to change the work week calculation to match that of your corporate Outlook.

    It's not an issue for me and my company that I work for but I would be interested in the outcome.....if you'll post it here. Otherwise, you'll just have to keep subtracting a "one" from the week view each time you view it.

    Looks like a good excuse...."gee boss, My Visor said that the project due during week 35 is not until next week".

    I know a poor attempt at humor but I already had too much egg nog this morning.

    Moose Man

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