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    Help! Couple of us in my office have Treo 650s. We are all getting the same "bug". When in the Datebook app on the phone, looking at my calendar in the Daily view, the meeting location info is visible. It's the info in the parenthesis.

    However, when I go to select the meeting, those details disappear! Very frustrating as I often want to highlight a phone number to copy and paste into the dialer.

    Anyone else experiencing this? Is this an issue fixed somewhere?

    Thanks, Nick
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    It is also essential in my work to get proper access to calendar locations on the Treo 650, and my research so far shows it to be a long and sordid topic. Anyone living in a mid-to-large Outlook-driven business receives many many meeting invitations, most of which come with long location information including rooms, phone numbers and bridge codes that you obviously want to pick up and dial. I have done this for years and years on my previous Samsung I300, and it is distressing to find today's PalmOne software designers failing to keep up with yesterday's non-Palm innovators.

    The buggy behavior you describe is apparently a PalmOne feature at present. It is one that needs fixing.

    Here's the deal as I understand it.

    In days gone by on other Palms, Pocketmirror synchronization would merge the Outlook Location field into the Description field and you would see it in the Calendar and be able to manipulate it. I never thought about it, but PocketMirror must have been smart in some way about synchonizing changes back to Outlook. In the latest Palm OS on Treo 650, they have added a number of new fields to the Calendar database, including a location field. You would hve thought this would be a good thing! The new Outlook conduit you get with the 650 synchronizes the Outlook location straight into this new location field. In the Calendar user interface you can then see the location in parentheses at the end of a calendar description, however if you click on it it disappears, so you cannot select any of the text. This would appear to be a stroke of programming stupidity-genius by someone who couldn't work out how to keep things straight if they let you edit it. This makes quickly cutting and pasting phone numbers in long locations from the Calendar screen impossible. However, there is another opportunity - if you click on the Details button for a Calendar entry then the details screen also shows you the location information. Alas, with another stroke of programming stupidity-genius Palm has made this field fixed-width with no right scrolling capability. So if the location field has any text then the rest of the phone number and/or the bridge number you need cannot be selected this way either. So, you are back to writing down numbers on pieces of paper and reentering them in the phone app by hand! I thought I gave that up years ago......

    So the obvious next step is to start replacing all this badly designed PalmOne software with better third-party stuff. However, I have not yet found any other Calendar program that properly handles the new Location fields. I have installed DateBk5 and it does not, and I have read the Agendus manual (but not yet installed it) and found no reference to this there either. I am still looking and would like any pointers! I would like to believe that Pimlico/CESD, being someone of excellent design skills, will take this on and improve DateBk5. His latest DateBk5 release for the Treo 650 has moved to direct access of the new format databases, so this is a first step. Various posts I have seen, though, suggest that he sees these new PalmOne fields as "proprietary extras that aren't compatible with other devices" and is against acknowledging them. CESD - please relent and allow DateBk5 to become the first Treo 650 Calendar program to do the right thing with locations!!

    I have seen suggestions in some places that one should move back to the old (not XT) PocketMirror if one wants the old behaviour of Outlook locations being merged into Calendar descriptions. HOWEVER, there is a fly in this ointment too. The old conduit writes to the old DatebookDB and not to the new CalendarDB-PDat database. Another amazing Palm OS feature is that if you have an application that tries to use the old format databases, then it magically recreates them with pointers through to the new database (or something like this). Then, due to the new expensive file system format, these "pointer" files end up as large, or nearly as large, as the base database and tremendous amounts of memory get wasted - which as we all know is at a premium on the Treo 650. So I don't want to do this, and I don't really want to use old conduits either. By the way, if you discover you have the older DatebookDB database on your Treo 650 (and his siblings AddressDB, ToDoDB and MemoDB) then you should consider deleting these with FileZ to reclaim the space (see threads elsewhere on this topic, and note you need something like FileZ to do this safely).

    So, I am still searching for a decent Calendar tool - Location, location location.

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    I have opened a new thread in the "Treo Utilities" forum (in the Software section) on this topic since I think this is a better place to have this conversation since it has nothing to do with the hardware. Please go there to reply and discuss.


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