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    Hi There!

    I can't break my contract with Sprint. Is there a better option to buy a Treo 650 than the one on P1 website for $599?

    Coupon codes, web sites etc. would be greatly appreciated!
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    none that i know of - maybe ebay or amazon. otherwise, you're looking at $599...
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    I wish I new that I could have been hooked up by my boss. I could have bought mine for $400 with no contract resigning.
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    I remember seeing a posting about coupon codes for PalmOne, but I can't find it anymore. Does it ring a bell for anybody?
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    Amazon is at $519 ($569 minus a $50 rebate).
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    I have read the fine print on the Amazon $50 rebate and as well as the $150 rebate and that requires a minimum of one and two year agreements respectively.

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