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    is afterburner safe? will it messed up visor?
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    I've been using it for 2 or 3 weeks with the default set to "fastest" and it works fine. the only problem is the "Visor envy" that it causes among my Palm III and V owning coworkers who are amazed at how fast this rogue device is.
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    Where can I get this afterburner??
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    I've been running AfterBurner II for a couple of weeks now without any problems at all. My batteries are expiring a little sooner though.

    I'm running most apps at 22 MHz instead of the max of 29 MHz. There's no real reason for this -- just thought I would not push the cpu too much.

    The only application that I run at normal speed (16 MHz) is BeamBox. It has to be set at this speed because beaming cannot be done faster

    AfterBurner II can be found on
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    I was really afraid of running it for fear of screwing up my Visor--especially after frying so many motherboards overclocking my 386 and 486s. However, Afterburner works like a charm. One really nice feature is the ability to keep certains apps at normal speed. Many games and things which have lots of graphics may screw up at high speeds. Also, you have to slow it down to beam stuff. Other than that, it's a beaut. There's gotta be a fix for this beaming thing. The PalmVX runs at 20Mhz but can beam to 16Mhz machines. There's got to be some way to fix it... anybody?

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    Also... alarms and any other sound program will sound weird. Your alarms will be high pitched and (I think) softer. I had installed Menorah and Dreidel for Chanukah on my Visor. Both had to be slowed down because the songs didn't sound right at high speeds (I had a little dreidel and Mao Tzur on acid).

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    anybody been using afterburner for few month without any problems? I agree with jakeblues said on overclocking the cpu, i don't want to burn out to wear out my visor in less than a month! so! i got to make sure is working safely with no problem~~~
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    How could anyone possibly have been running AfterBurner for a few months on a Visor? Apart from reviewers, we only started receiving them on October 18th.
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    Maybe they had it running on their PalmIII/PalmV--same processor!

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